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Mommy Brag Moment

Thursday of last week was Student-led parent conferences at McKayla's school.

We had to arrive earlier than other parents b/c McKayla was dressed as Pocahontas for their Living History Museum (blog post with pictures coming soon!) and she needed to show us her Data Notebook before she had to take her place outside of the classroom.

The Data Notebook shows the student's progress throughout the school year; alphabet, upper and lower case, counting to 100 by 1's, 2's and 5's. It has worksheets showing progress in adding and subtracting, writing sentences with correct punctuation, word recognition and so on.

Her teacher, we'll call her "Mrs. M.", told us that she has to have one of her students read their Data Notebook to the principal and picked McKayla b/c she could read the entire thing and knew what each section was about and she's very precise and business like about it. LOL

Now for the highlights for the conference (other than her being Pocahontas LOL) and the whole reason of my post. ☺

McKayla is one of 3 kids in her kindergarten class and one of the top 14 in the entire Kindergarten grade that goes to another classroom once a day for an accelerated reading course. In the TOP 14! Amazing! 

Her testing scores (adding that while I don't remember the exact numbers, that's not the important part) for her progress was 600+ on the first test with a projected score of 720ish. However, the next testing showed her at well over 800! The projected scoring has her off the charts!! She's also about ready to start learning 1st grade words and phonetics!

And one funny note:
A couple of weeks ago, McKayla had to miss the last 3 days of school that week b/c we had to head 6 hours away to attend my Grandmother's funeral (ok, so not the funny part but this needed a brief explanation.) At the conference, I was telling Mrs. M how much I hated that she had to miss school. Mrs. M said she hated it too and missed her but then started laughing. She said that she had all the students on the carpet for lesson and it was deathly quiet. She couldn't figure out what was wrong. Were the kids sick or something? Then it dawns on her that it was quiet b/c apparently McKayla is always participating, answering questions and apparently getting the OTHER kids to talk and since she wasn't there, they were more subdued. Haha!

I'm so proud of my baby girl! She tries so hard and does so well! School has definitely made this girl explode with confidence and personality!

She's eager and happy to go to school every day. She loves learning,  loves reading and loves making her teachers, and us, happy. I just hope that her love of schooling continues throughout her school years. A mother can only hope! LOL


  1. Awww!! That is so awesome!! It sounds like she has a really great teacher that appreciates her and encourages her! :D

    1. Yes! It makes such a HUGE difference when teachers are encouraging and appreciative. And McKayla thrives on most kids. :-)


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