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Bedtime Rituals

I've moaned and groaned about bedtime battles before.
I think every parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle has dealt with bedtime battles.
It's never ending and every generation deals with it.
It's part of it.
It's part of parenting and growing up.
Some nights are worse than others and those nights make you appreciate the good nights.
Sometimes the good nights make you realize and think that those rituals will eventually end.
No longer will they want books read.
No longer will they want to snuggle.
No longer will they want you to scratch their back.
Soon, all to soon, those rituals you thought annoying, those rituals that were simple stalling tactics will be missed.
I'm not there yet tho.
We'll still fight some nights and I'll dream of the good nights.
Then before too long, the good, the bad and the in between nights will be a memory and I'll miss them.
I hope to remember the above, especially during the really bad nights, and be thankful we still have bedt…

Epic Week & Weekend Wrap-Up

That's what I feel after this past week.
Pure satisfaction.
So much accomplished and some of it shows too! ☺
McKayla was on Spring Break last week and John took the week off. We didn't have a lot of money (who does?!) but we wanted, NEEDED to escape for a bit.
So, on Monday, we packed up the Kia and headed several hours away for a few nights of camping. (This post isn't about that trip tho, so you'll have to wait til later for pictures and the full story of our adventure. ☺)

We came back home late Wednesday night and I spent the better part of Thursday cleaning up after our mini vacation; several loads of laundry and putting the house back in some semblance of order. John spent the day doing yard work.
On Friday I worked in my Elephant Ear garden, cursing the weeds and coaxing, prodding and pleading the Elephant Ears. I apologized for neglecting them last year and promised I'd get rid of all those nasty weeds that were choking out the sun.

I also &q…

Furry Friday ~ Napping Like Cats and Dogs

Whoever said that cats and dogs don't get along, hasn't seen my cats and dog together.
For the most part, the cats tend to steer clear of Rio but not b/c of any aggression issues. It's more like b/c Rio wants to hug them and kiss them and name them George (points to anyone who gets that reference LOL) He wants to play with them desperately and they just won't humor him. Poor guy.
IF he succeeds in "catching" them, he tends to drown them in slobber so I can't much blame them for not wanting to be caught.
Peaches is more skittish around him; slinking in and out of the house, under his radar. Cameo is slightly braver and has even taken to laying peacefully by him.

At first, I think he was a little taken aback that she was getting comfortable in such close proximity to him. You could almost see the battle waring inside but he controlled himself well and they had a nice cat nap together. ☺

Wow. I Have A Big Dog

That sounds like a resounding DUH coming from a Great Dane owner but surprisingly I tend to forget that sometimes. LOL
Yeah, I know he's big.
(He has "Great" in his breed name after all. :-D) I realize he's a giant breed. and I know he is NOT a lap puppy......
even if he thinks he is.
He can reach the counters and sinks without tip-toeing. I can pet him on the head or back without bending over. He can take up my entire couch. and he can easily scale a 4ft fence.
But occasionally it dawns on me how big he is:
When I see him around a large breed dog (that I used to think were big dogs),
he towers over them.
When he sits beside me on the couch, I see he's taller than me.
He comes in the bedroom and his head is even with the mattress (and *I* have to climb in bed it's so tall LOL).
And then I think:
He is NOT a lap puppy
and having 100+ pounds sitting on you is NOT comfy, let me tell you.
He can counter surf and drink from the sinks without so much as a paw lif…

Wordless Wednesday ~ Weally Wio?

Rather fitting for a Wordless Wednesday as I truly have no words.

How is this even remotely comfortable Rio? You have a good portion of the backseat you could lay on but you insist on twisting and contorting yourself into the most uncomfortable position imaginable.
Weally Rio?

McKayla Stories

I know all Moms have stories about their kids. Funny stories. Sweet stories. Awwww stories.
I thought I'd bore you with a few McKayla stories ☺:
1). One of McKayla's favorite places to eat is Fazoli's. If you don't have one near you, it's a nice Italian fast food chain with a twist. They bring your food to you on REAL dishes, with real silverware and have the most amazing garlic bread.
Anyway, we were eating there one afternoon and McKayla was chowing down on her spaghetti with meat sauce, when she came across a small piece of tomato. She asked what it was and when we told her, she promptly spit out "Yuck! I HATE tomatoes."
We started laughing and then informed her that her spaghetti sauce was made with tomatoes.
She slowly set her fork down. Slowly leaned back in her chair. Then said "You're blowing my mind, man!" with the calmest look on her face. She then shook her head and resumed eating.

2). She went through this faze were she was adam…

Furry Friday ~ Cold and Wet Kitties

When I let Rio out yesterday morning, Peaches and Cameo bolted out the door too. It's been nice, spring weather the last few days but they didn't see the weather report before heading outside: wet, rainy and cold.
They stayed outside while I took McKayla to school and stopped at a few stores.
When I arrived home, they both greeted me at the car and followed me right to the back door, meowing the entire time.
They were a little perturbed that I wasn't quickly letting them into the warm, dry house, instead, I was taking pictures. LOL

They spent the rest of the morning giving me evil looks and cleaning. Not my fault you didn't pay attention to the weather! LOL

How To Write A Mediocre Blog

A simple Google search on how to write a great blog will throw up thousands of different links.
You'll find out how to gain more followers/readers. How to gain more commenters.
You'll find how to cater to your targeted audience. How to pick a specific topic. How to generate a lot of traffic and even how to make money off your blog.
Today I thought I'd share how to write a mediocre blog.
One that doesn't necessarily cater to your audience with a specific topic but more or less whatever crosses your path.
One that averages decent enough traffic with about 10 views per post, with a scattering of comments here and there.
One that makes NO money off random topics and sporadic posts.
That's the key here; blog what you want, when you want. That way, your readers/followers never know when you'll publish something new.
Some may be curious when you finally hit publish that they're drawn to your blog OR they may just give up all together and never even take a glance…

Wordless Wednesday ~ Missing Katie

Furry Friday ~ Introducing "Tabby"

We have apparently aquired a new cat.

She's been hanging around our house for the last several weeks. We catch glimpses of her from time to time but it's usually the back view as she bolts away.

Peaches and Cameo are tolerating her, which is odd for them b/c they normally patrol the yard and chase away any unwelcome visitors.

Peaches, more so than Cameo, tolerates her. You'll find them outside in close quarters, amicably enjoying each other's company....a lot like an old married couple; sitting together with no awkward silence.

Cameo isn't quite as ready to accept her into the fold. She watches her like a Hawk almost with distrust or maybe curiosity. 

Tabby suns herself on the front porch and sleeps in the basement on cold nights. I've taken pity on her and figure since she's been here so long, I might as well feed her.

If you don't surprise her, she'll actually stay within sight, talking to you. I'll sit outside occasionally and talk to her an…

Out With The Old and In With The New

We've been in our house about 11 years or so. It's an older house, built in the 80's and it shows it in places.

We've done what we can, here and there, to "update". As with everything, money has been our biggest roadblock.
We've been slowly making it our own; painting the living room, dining room (picture pepto bismal pink. Belgh. It's now a pretty purple's ghost) and kitchen. Painting the guest bathroom McKayla's bathroom and her room. OUR room and bathroom and Chris' room still need painting (an embarrassing thing to admit). And our basement/garage is still full of my Sister-in-law's, in-laws stuff and our brother-in-law's stuff.
Yup, you read that right.
We bought our house from John's sister's in-laws and some of their stuff, along with her husband's stuff, is still in our basement. 11 years later. Hopefully that'll finally be rectified this spring/summer.
Anyway, we're slowly updating and making it our own.…

Furry Friday ~ Not Very Furry Edition

Today is a very special little girls birthday. I'm so proud of who she's becoming and her enthusiasm for life and learning is contagious.
She's always full of smiles and laughter. She's quick to help those in need and loves being an example for those younger than her. She's generous with hugs and is such an absolute joy to be around.
I'm extremely blessed to be her Mom.
We have a fun day planned today of cupcakes at school and a birthday dinner with family at her favorite restaurant. NEXT Saturday, she'll get to be a Princess for a day at her birthday party.
To wish my beautiful, amazing, caring little girl a Happy Birthday and to keep with the Furry Friday theme, enjoy a few pictures of her with critters (I could've bogged down everyone's compute with all the pictures I could post but I decided to play nice and only post a few ☺).

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Momma loves you!