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Furry Friday ~ STEEL Your Heart Pet Art

Not so much of a feathered, furried or even scaley Furry Friday but more like cold, hard steel.
It still includes animals, so it "fits" my Furry Friday theme.
It's my blog and I can do what I want, right? LOL
Anyway, my sis, Vanessa, and her man have started to doing steel cutouts of a few breeds of dogs. Mainly Great Danes but they're slowly branching out into other breeds.
Vanessa started the whole thing as she'd seen similar things at dog shows but they were made out of cheap, very thin, flimsy metal, weren't painted, had no brackets/hooks or bases/stands and they didn't even have a primer to keep them from rusting. They also wanted over $125 for them.
So, she asked her boyfriend if he could possibly make one (he's a welder) and he told her to draw up a template for him to cut out. She shared her new Dane head cutout on FB and STEEL Your Heart Pet Art was born. ☺
They're currently doing Great Danes in Black, Mantle, Fawn, Brindle, Blue and the…

Furry Friday ~ Stowaway

Last weekend Chris marched with his JROTC class in a local parade. (I may blog about it later but it was pretty bad.) After the parade, we went to Chris' Dad's house to pick Chris up and while talking, I noticed the stowaway.
He was pretty neat looking with a bright red head and "spikes" up and down his back. 

He hung out on the side-mirror for a good 30-45 minutes with steady speeds of 60 mph. Bet he had one hell of a headache! Haha

We finally lost him at a gas station when I shut the door.

Kindergarten Graduation!

Today was my baby girl's Kindergarten graduation!

(But I have a confession to make: I'm ashamed to admit that although this post is dated May, 14th 2015, I am in fact typing this up on May 24th, 2017. A weekish after McKayla's 2nd grade graduation. You see, I had every intention of posting this but as life happens, it got away from me. Then I couldn't find graduation pictures anywhere, so then I had to dig through my keepsake box to find her awards to post. So, no actual pictures from Kindergarten graduation {unless I find them} and even less words b/c after a couple years, that day is a tad fuzzy. My apologies but you know I have to have things 'in order'. 😞)

After the graduation, we headed to her classroom where her teachers passed out a few awards to the children. It was sweet watching the emotion the teachers showed in their love for our kids and we were beyond blessed to have Ms. M and Ms. S as McKayla's teachers.

1st Grade, here we come!

Wordless Wednesday ~ My Newest Obsession

Furry Friday ~ Furry and Feathered Friends

Just a few pictures taken this week of our furry and feathered visitors. ☺
We have bunnies. Not pet bunnies but wild bunnies that play, eat and rest in our yard.

Of course, everyone has squirrels but do they come to visit you?

And then there are the birds:

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Mom sent me an email the other day, reminding me that I hadn't made a post using the new graphic I had asked her to make me. Oops! I'd had things to talk/post about when I had first asked her about doing a graphic but that post kinda fizzled out.
I've since had a few things here and there that didn't really warrant a whole post by themselves but still stuff I wanted to share and with Mom sending me this graphic, it gave me the push I needed. Thanks Mom! :-)
This post will definitely be all over the place. Enjoy! LOL
Several weeks ago, McKayla asked to say Grace at our church's weekly Wednesday night dinner. This was her 2nd time saying Grace but the 1st time I was able to record her.

Mom had yelled chided me for not taping the 1st time McKayla had said Grace, so I made sure that I took a video this time and shared the video with her. Then, when I posted the video to FB, Mom made this graphic:

Back around Easter (yeah, I know, I haven't blogged about that yet....…

Springtime Blues

That time of year again.
Trees are blooming. Flowers are growing. Grass is shooting up.
Which leads to runny noses.
And general springtime yuckiness.
I'm working on combating that and made, what I call, a Springtime Blues roller bottle blend using my Young Living Essential Oils :
20 drops of Lemon
20 drops of Lavender
20 drops of Peppermint
1 drop of Breath Again Roll-On (this isn't in the "recipe" but I added it for the Copaiba that's in it.)
Top off with fractionated Coconut Oil
And tada! A roller blend to fight the "blues". ☺

I made this mainly for McKayla as she really struggles this time of year. A couple applications and she is good to go. ☺ Whenever she starts sniffling, I start applying. If I know we're gonna be outside a lot or something is blooming, it gets applied. Great stuff.

Furry Friday ~ A Lasting Impression

I know, I "created" Furry Friday and it's my blog, so I can do what I want but I feel guilty when I reuse pictures or post something that's not exactly furry. With that said, read on for another semi-Furry Friday's still about a furry friend, just with a twist. LOL

It should come as no surprise to those of you who know me or read this blog with any regularity that I love my Dane.
I could come close to saying he's my heart dog. He may drive me insane by jumping the fence, getting in the garbage or destroying my furniture but I still love him. (Just like my kids or husband may irritate me occasionally but I still love them too LOL.) The idea of him leaving me is damn near devastating.
After having wanted one for so long and then actually finally getting one, has been a dream come true for me.
So it wasn't all that odd that when thinking of new tattoo ideas and wanting to incorporate him into it somehow, wasn't all that far fetched.
I alread…