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A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Mom sent me an email the other day, reminding me that I hadn't made a post using the new graphic I had asked her to make me. Oops! I'd had things to talk/post about when I had first asked her about doing a graphic but that post kinda fizzled out.

I've since had a few things here and there that didn't really warrant a whole post by themselves but still stuff I wanted to share and with Mom sending me this graphic, it gave me the push I needed. Thanks Mom! :-)

This post will definitely be all over the place. Enjoy! LOL

  •  Several weeks ago, McKayla asked to say Grace at our church's weekly Wednesday night dinner. This was her 2nd time saying Grace but the 1st time I was able to record her.

Mom had yelled chided me for not taping the 1st time McKayla had said Grace, so I made sure that I took a video this time and shared the video with her. Then, when I posted the video to FB, Mom made this graphic:

  • Back around Easter (yeah, I know, I haven't blogged about that yet....bad blogger), we (sister-in-laws business and our Church) hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for the community. We try to get the plastic eggs back b/c we use about 5,000 of them. So, as an incentive, we told the kids that if they returned their eggs, they'd receive a coupon for a free kids meal at Fazoli's. McKayla was BEYOND thrilled to get her coupon and was so excited to be able to eat free! I'm not understanding her enthusiasm b/c she ALWAYS eats free.....seeing as how Daddy or Mommy pay for her meals. LOL

  • Healing tattoo's ITCH. LIKE. CRAZY! I'd forgotten how bad they itch. Nothing worse than having an itch you can't scratch. Ordinarily, I'd smack or rub the itchy spot, but that's a no-no with tattoos as you can rub the scab off or you know, because it hurts. LOL

  • A couple weeks ago, Chris' ROTC class was having an awards day and he ,of course, wanted me to come watch. I was running late (Rio got out of the fence....again) so I missed the first part of it. After the ceremony was over, I caught up to him as he was walking back to class and asked him if he'd gotten any awards and he said "No, but I will next year!". And I think he will.

  • McKayla has been going to Tumbling classes for several months now. She's made leaps and bounds (hahaha, no pun intended) with her progress but today she FINALLY MASTERED THE CARTWHEEL! Oh I'm so thrilled! She's tried so hard, she really has but her legs and arms just wouldn't cooperate with her. The look on her face when she successfully did a cartwheel was priceless.
  • Kindergarten graduation. It's almost here. Next week as a matter of fact. Where they heck did this year go?!
  • And last but not least, a teaser of sorts. I plan on finally sharing the mugs and hot chocolate ornaments McKayla and I made for her teachers for Christmas, the Father/Daughter dance John and McKayla went to and many more things. I'm seriously trying to let go of this need to post of things exactly when they happened. It doesn't matter when I post, just so long as I do so I can look back later on.


  1. Exactly! The timing of the post isn't important. Getting the post up there so you can always remember it is what's important. :D

    I like the this and that post. Your mom makes great graphics. The Grammy Award one is so awesome!

    1. I know you know what I'm talking about achieve1dream! LOL

      I'm glad you like the post, it'll probably be a regular thing. Haha. And doesn't she! She's made all my graphics for here (other than my header). She definitely has talent. ☺


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