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Family Fun Day

This past weekend, John's work had a Family Fun Day for employees and their families at a local amusement park. They provided tickets (all day pass to EVERYTHING), a goodie bag with a shirt for the employee, water bottle, note pad and pen etc. They also provided food and drinks and had a raffle with awesome prizes.
John got 4 tickets but Chris couldn't go with us, so we let McKayla invite one of her friends from school to join us and she was beyond thrilled to have K and her mom spend the day with us. (Neat little useless tidbit: K's Mom went to school with John and his sister and was actually really good friends with K's Mom back in the day, but as things happen, they grew apart and haven't spoken in years. We didn't even know there was a "connection" until I was telling John's Mom about McKayla's new friend and she informed me they were friends years ago.)
We spent the first part of the day chasing after the girls as they giggled and ran fr…