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Wordless Wednesday ~ A Christmas "Surprise"

Furry Friday: Moochers

Whenever we're eating, we have an audience. I'm sure any one with dogs knows the feeling LOL
We don't often give them any of our food but they never know when we might so they have to stare us down, hoping.

Wordless Wednesday: Journey to Bethlehem

This & That ~ This Weekend

This weekend was chock full of activity but sadly I'm short on words and time, so you just get a few pictures and hopefully more details later on. (Trying really hard to get back into blogging more regularly.)
On Friday, McKayla saw Santa and got her picture taken with him.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, McKayla sang a total of 5 times in our church's Christmas performance.

And on Saturday, Chris marched with his JROTC class in a Christmas parade.

What did *I* do? Worked. All weekend.
Such an exciting life I live. LOL

This & That ~ When We Last Left Off

So, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm making a better effort to blog. For me. For family and friends. For the memories.
Things may be jumbled a bit as we go backwards in time a little LOL but if you're still with me after my 6ish month hiatus, you've probably come to expect that from me anyway. :-D
When we last left off (Oct 19th), I was in a hospital waiting room as my husband was having back surgery.
The surgery was a success.
They fused L5 and S1 of his vertebrae. He had rods, plates and screws placed.

He was in the hospital for a week and came home that Friday (surgery was Monday morning). The day of his surgery, they had him up and walking. On Tuesday, they attempted to have him walking but the initial surgery drugs had worn off and he was feeling everything. After they got his pain under control, he was up walking several times a day. On Friday, they deemed him well enough to come home.
He is on bending and tw…

Getting My Butt In Gear

Once again, I've neglected my poor blog.
It just seems like I haven't been in the groove this year.
Sure, I've had lots of things to share.
I've taken lots of pictures. (Using a couple as filler on this post ☺)

But what I HAVEN'T had time for, is sitting down to type up a post.
It doesn't help that blogging is done 80% of the time from my phone and it's just a P.A.I.N in the tuckus; internet is iffy at best and downloading pictures takes FOREVER. Not to mention, for whatever reason, the blogger app automatically centers my paragraphs if I place pictures first and it won't let me change it. So then I have to go to the desktop version and pinch and squeeze and move the cursor constantly to do anything and it won't let me copy/paste pictures from a draft in the app into a post from the app.

But enough with the excuses. It's time to buckle down. I need this for the memories. I need this for family who can't be a part of the everyday activities.