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A Horse of my Own

It probably comes as a surprise to some of you but I've dreamed of owning a horse for years. For as long as I can remember, horses have been my passion. Any time I can spend on or around a horse is Heaven to me.

I wasn't lucky enough to grow up around horses but I did collect as many books and figurines (Breyer models, mainly) as I could; I still have every one of them too. When my Dad would go off to smoke school (something he had to do every few years for work), he'd always bring me and my brother back a gift. I always got horses, sometimes Breyers, sometimes My Little Pony's and sometimes Fashion Fillies.

I dreamed of riding on a daily basis. On trips, I'd daydream that my horse would be galloping along side the car as we sped down the freeway. I'd picture him/her flying like the wind; mane and tail flowing so beautifully. He/she would be so fast that she could race ahead to a nice, lush grassy area to graze and wait for us to catch up. He/she could also jump on top of the car and ride and rest whenever needed.

One year in school, I met a girl that had the same passion for horses that I did and we'd spend hours and hours playing out different scenarios with our Breyer horses. Red Lips, a nondescript dark bay mare and Pony Boy, a beautiful palomino stallion were pretty prominent in our stories. Bashful, the little paint pony and her colt and filly, Pepper and Blackface played quite a bit too. There were escapes from stables (they were free spirits of course), battles with lions and herd hierarchy squabbles.

Then she got a horse of her own. We would spend hours grooming and caring for Chance, a pretty bay Arabian saved from a meat truck. She had a strong dislike for men but fine with women. My friend did a lot of work and made a lot of progress with her. When she had her moved to stables closer to home, we spent even more time with Chance and the other horses at the stables; Tennessee Walking Horses. Show horses. High-stepping, rough riding but oh so beautiful horses. Commissioner was "my" horse. He was a beautiful big black boy and I'd ride him for hours. He was an old guy by the time we met him but was still going strong. She and I would take trail rides around the horse farm, her on Chance and me on Commissioner.

She and I would daydream about moving to Montana and starting up a riding stable. She'd be the trainer and I'd be the bookkeeper and help wherever it was needed. Our stable would be geared towards disabled children and people, giving them a little bit of freedom. We envisioned a beautiful stable full of horses of all sizes and colors.....plenty to choose from for our clients. We'd take trail rides through the forests and have parties and just all around horsey fun.

Sadly, you grow up and sometimes you grow apart. She and I don't talk anymore but I still look back on our adventures with fondness.

But I haven't out grown my love for horses. I still daydream from time to time of having my own horse. I envision them in my pasture (when I have one.....that's partially why I DON'T have horses right now LOL). I envision the things we'd do; maybe just a quiet hack through the woods or just spending time grooming or even just watching them graze.

I don't have a particular color or breed or type that I daydream about. He/she is pretty nondescript in my minds eye. Nothing flashy but maybe that's b/c I'm waiting till my dream comes true?

You'd think that, living where I do, in the semi-country, I'd find people that had horses. But you just can't walk up to someone's house and say "Hey! I like horses! Wanna be my friend?" That's kind of frowned upon LOL

So, I follow horse blogs, a LOT of horse blogs (one just has to look to the right and see the list and it keeps growing LOL) and I start reading them from the beginning. I have to live vicariously through other bloggers that HAVE horses. I learn about their horse(s) and themselves. I watch them grow in their abilities and I watch their horse(s) grow in their confidence. I share in their tears and their triumphs (silently, I don't post often but I'm getting better! LOL). It's all I have right now.

So, those of you with horses. Those of you able to fulfill your dreams of having a horse, whether on your own property or boarded somewhere.....don't take them for granted. Remember that there are a lot of us horse-crazy girls out there that aren't so lucky.


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