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Living History Musuem ~ Betsy Ross

Another student-led conference at McKayla's school has rolled around and once again, she's picked to portray a historical figure of her choice.

Last year, for Kindergarten, she picked Pocahontas and said very little: "Hi! My name is Pocahontas. What's your name? I live in the wild and it's very cold here." Almost all in one breath and where you could barely hear her LOL.

This year, after searching different historical women (and it had to be a woman b/c she's a girl and can't dress like a boy LOL), she decided on Betsy Ross as her historical person.

And I panicked. How on EARTH was I going to make her a costume to look like Betsy Ross??????? I had a few ideas for a dress and hat from that period but didn't really know where to find any that looked authtentic and I knew I couldn't make one.

So, off to Google I went, again. (What did we do before Google?! LOL)

Most of what I found was cheesy red, white and blue Halloween costumes and everything …

Valentine Weekend Getaway

Valentine's Weekend ended up being a kid free weekend.

So what do parents do when they find themselves kidless and they have a little extra money? They run away for the weekend!


It was late before we got to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, after dropping McKayla off and the long ass drive there, but it was thankfully an uneventful trip.

John had already booked us a hotel right on the strip in Pigeon Forge and it was nice having a place to relax after driving for so long and not having to search for a place first.

It was a cute little hotel, right on the river and with the added bonus of snow on the ground, it was quite picturesque.

Once we made it to the hotel and got our stuff in the room, we headed to Gatlinburg to meet John's sister, her husband and a friend who happened to have the same idea as us (they had actually called us to watch their kids so THEY could go but we were already heading up LOL).
We met up with them for some wine tasting but sadly, I hadn't brought m…