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Wreckless Driving

Why put you and others in danger b/c someone did something you don't think they should?
We're driving on the interstate one day, in the left lane. Turn signal is on to get back in the right lane but no one is letting us get over. There's a a car behind us and just has we can FINALLY get over, that car WHIPS into the right lane and then barely misses us getting in front of us. He then slows way down (to the point John had to hit the brakes) and flips us off. He rides like that until a big rig is on OUR tail and then takes off.

All because we didn't move over as soon as he thought we should have.
Why? What's the point?

You end up saving, what, a few minutes of driving time? Not worth the risk of your life.

This is what causes wrecks.

Newest Remodel: New Couch

(Can you call it a 'remodel' of it's just new furniture/appliances or just rearranging? LOL)
Any long term readers of my blog will know that I'm constantly rearranging furniture. I'll try it one way for a little bit and then have to change it. I guess that's me being a typical woman. 😁
This time, it wasn't just rearranging furniture but buying NEW furniture. I'd been dying for a sectional. My living room doesn't allow for much in the way of furniture placement due to it's size and the layout. Plus and more importantly, our furniture was S.H.O.T. Thanks to the dogs and they were old, being hand-me-downs and all.
Evidence pictures below:
Exhibit A: Note the fraying cushions and missing pillows (well, not really missing but one being used as a pillow and the other under his butt LOL)

Exhibit B: Note the white spot on the left side and "outdoor" pillows used indoor.

Exhibit C: Note the bed sheets bought to cover the hideousness of the cu…