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Furry Friday ~ Lamb Edition + a Donkey or Two

When my sister-in-law called and told me they had new lambs born and asked if I wanted to come see them, I'm pretty sure I was already in the car before she finished her sentence. Haha. Not gonna pass up a chance to see adorable newborn lambs. :-D

After visiting with the lambs and Mama's, we headed out to see the Donkeys and other sheep.

I could definitely handle this kind of life. Hopefully one day soon.

This & That ~ Ms. Jane Has A Rough Year

Meet Ms. Jane:

Ms. Jane has had a rough year. She's had ailment after ailment. 

She's had to have ear drops, eye drops, nasal spray, a patch, an enema, a suppository and vaginal cream. She's had to take cough medicine (liquid and pill form) and sublingual. She was even stung by a bee and had to have an epi pen.

Talk about bad luck, 9 lives and all that jazz. 'Bless her heart' as we say in the South, LOL
Medication classes for work. We had to learn how to adminster any and all forms of medication for our clients and how to write prescription orders and document when, what, how and where. Boring 8 hour classes all week, with written test and physical test today. At least I'm getting paid for it! LOL
UPDATE: April 18, 2016 I passed! I was so afraid I wouldn't b/c so many people told me how hard it was and quite a few of the other "students" in class were having to retake the class b/c of failing it. Phew!

Betsy Ross Attends a Board of Education Meeting

Last week, McKayla brought home this letter from school:

Our school has been asked to present a short program at the beginning of the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, April 14th at 5:30. We will be sharing about our "Leaders for Life" program and are asking a few students to recreate their "hero" roles they shared on student-led conference night.
We would love for McKayla to share her portrayal of Betsy Ross!
What this means is that she would need to be at the Central Office on April 14 by 5:15, dressed as her character. The entire program would last no longer than 15 minutes, so we would ask that a parent stay during that time. You would be welcome to watch the program.
Please let us know as soon as possible if this is something she would be able to do by filling out the form below and returning it to the school. Thank you!

Holy cow! How cool is that!?

So tonight, Betsy Ross made an appearance at the Central Office. :-D

They'd picked 8 kids from the whole s…