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Plus Size

I don't share my weight on here b/c frankly it's my business but something happened at Wal*mart today that leads me to want to say something:

I was shopping for clothes and asked a sales lady where the leggings that WEREN'T juniors were, cause, ya know, I'm NOT in juniors at 35 years old and that's all that I could find and she pratically yells across the aisle asking another sales lady where the PLUS SIZE leggings were.

Plus sized?

I'm by no means tiny but I don't see myself as plus sized either. I hate that my size is thought of as plus. What determines plus size? The fact that models are negative size 20? My size, is in fact, AVERAGE size. Yes, average. Meaning the majority of women are my size but yet we're called plus size.

Then someone shares this photo on Facebook.
A beautiful, vibrant woman.

Do you see what I see?
(That thud you heard was me falling to the floor, incredulous that someone …

Memorial Day Picnic

Our church has a yearly potluck style Memorial Picnic and they go all out. They put up a huge tent with tables and chairs and we all bring goodies to eat. Anywhere from KFC to homemade yummies. The church also rents inflatables for the kids, sets up volley ball nets and carnival style games.
This year, they added something new.
Pony rides!
You know this girl is just like her Momma and is drawn to horses. We had to convince her to eat before she could ride, otherwise, she would've starved herself staying with them. LOL

Sadly, those are the only pictures I took of the whole picnic. Between visiting with family and friends, helping man one of the inflatables for a bit and chasing her around, I didn't have much time to snap photos.

Shopkins Swapkin Party

A craze sucking in kids of all ages, including some parents (my self included, if truth be told LOL).
'What are Shopkins' you say?
I'm glad you asked b/c I'm about to tell you. :-D
Shopkins World
Shopkins are these adorable mini collectable characters. They are food themed, plant themed, pet themed, pantry themed, house cleaning themed, appliance get the picture. Hundreds of different characters from each season. And they're starting on their 5th season. Yeah. That's a lot of little rubber toys.
As with most collectables, they have characters you may get regularly and then others are harder to find, which is the whole point of collecting.....ya gotta find them all! Each package comes with a check-list to drive you insane trying to find them check off when you find one.
Shopkins World
They also have Shoppies; dolls that are shopkeepers and are friends of Shopkins. Luckily, they only have 8 different dolls right now. Phew. And McKayla has …

Accelerated Reader Awards Ceremony

Last week, McKayla came home with this note in her backpack:

For those who don't know what Accelerated Reader is, it's a program in schools geared towards getting kids to read more. It's a point system where kids read a book and then take a quiz based off the book and score accordingly. There's no limit to the number of books you read or quizes you take (duh, why put a limit if your goal is to get them to read more LOL).
So, we went to the award ceremony this morning.
First one they've done I should add. They've had AR since McKayla started Pre-K there (although Pre-K didn't do AR) but this is the first awards ceremony they've done.
First thing I noticed was a small section of chairs (like 40 chairs and they were barely filled) in the gym for parents and then the kids completely filled the bleachers on either side. Hmmm, guessing this was an actual invitation award ceremony where only the parents of kids who were being recognized were asked to attend. …

1st Swim of the Summer

A friend (K) and I had 4 very bored kids today and with nothing better to do, we decided to take them to the river for some wading/swimming.

K had never been to this part of the river as it's a hidden gem that only "locals" know about.

It was quite the adventure for me as I don't think I had ever actually driven there, always a passenger to John driving.

We clearly made it, with no wrong turns made.

The water wasn't high enough to go actual swimming and it was still a little chilly for K and I, but the kids had a blast.
We ended the evening with yummy barbecue and spending time with family.
A good Saturday if you ask me. :-)

1st Grade Awards

Today was McKayla's 1st Grade Awards day at school.
They started out with all 4 classrooms parading around the gym showing placards with different accomplishments. This one was McKayla's and when I picked on her saying that there was no way she could count 120 and beyond, she proceeded to prove me wrong LOL.

They then all sat down and waited until their names were called to walk up to get their awards.

McKayla ended up with 3 awards:
All A's in 1st Grade (the whole year...I think her "lowest" grade was a 98), 

Superior excellence in Music,

and superior particpation in 1st Grade,

After awards, we went to her classroom for pictures with friends and her teacher (excuse the creepy, blurred out faces);

and of course a pic with Grandpa (she wanted a picture with us too but it was so hectic, it never happened :-( )

Parents could sign out their children if they wanted to after the awards and while McKayla was telling her teacher (Mrs. T.) bye, Mrs. T asked McKayla what …

Strawberry Parade

Last weekend was the annual trip to watch Chris march with his JROTC class in the parade.

I was a bad photographer this year and only took 3 pictures but I just wasn't feeling it this time. It was hot, we couldn't find a good shady spot to sit, we'd forgotten chairs and let's face it, you can only take so many parade pics before they start looking the same.

Plus, this parade gets worse every year as far as the procession goes; First, it was supposed to start at 1, when it actually started almost at 2pm. Yeah, I understand that when you have a large number of vehicles, people, floats and animals, it takes a little bit to coordinate it all but maybe meet sooner? Second, it lasted almost an hour and NOT b/c of that many particapants but b/c there were HUGE gaps in between "floats", I'm talking such large gaps that it would almost appear that the parade was over kind of large gaps. You'd see the "last" group go by and then nothing and think it w…

Mother's Day 2016

My sweet girl made this card for me for Mother's Day and of course I have to share. :-)
To make it easier, I'll add what she wrote under each picture (complete with fixed spelling and commentary :-D).
Mom I love you
Mom sweet special beautiful crazy lovely
All About My Mom Her name is Jennifer She is 45 years old (thanks McKayla, make me older LOL) She weighs 160 pounds (I could handle this and it's not that far off LOL) Her hair is brown Her eyes are blue
Her Favorite Things Color: Pink and Purple (notice how the whole book is done in my favorite colors?) Food: veggie link Drink: grape fanta Movie: Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2 Song: Why Do You Have To Be So Rude TV Show: Scrubs Book: Chapter books and Scooby-Doo Books
My mom is special because: She is pretty and nice and kind and lovely and beautiful to me.
I love it when my mom: Loves me and hugs me and kisses me and cuddles with me. (She even drew us doing each thing <3 )
To relax my mom likes to: Cuddle with me.
I wish I could buy my mom: a littl…