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Shopkins Swapkin Party


A craze sucking in kids of all ages, including some parents (my self included, if truth be told LOL).

'What are Shopkins' you say?

I'm glad you asked b/c I'm about to tell you. :-D

Shopkins are these adorable mini collectable characters. They are food themed, plant themed, pet themed, pantry themed, house cleaning themed, appliance get the picture. Hundreds of different characters from each season. And they're starting on their 5th season. Yeah. That's a lot of little rubber toys.

As with most collectables, they have characters you may get regularly and then others are harder to find, which is the whole point of collecting.....ya gotta find them all! Each package comes with a check-list to drive you insane trying to find them check off when you find one.

They also have Shoppies; dolls that are shopkeepers and are friends of Shopkins. Luckily, they only have 8 different dolls right now. Phew. And McKayla has 5 of them.....the other 3 JUST came out. Yeah, she'll have them too. LOL

Yeah, it sounds crazy but girls love them, including my girl.

So, when I received an email from Toys R Us announcing a Swapkins Party, we just had to go.

For those who may not know, Swapkins are hosted a couple times of year by Toys R Us where other Shopkins fans can get together and trade or swap their Shopkins. (I just found out about them this year.)

McKayla and I went through all her Shopkins (close to 100) and pulled all the duplicates out. We found close to 20 duplicates but they were common ones, so I didn't hold out much hope in her being able to trade all of them and I told her as much.

We arrived about 30 minutes before the start and stood in line......yes, there was a line......and ended up trading about 5 Shopkins with a couple girls in line with us while waiting for the "party" to start.

Then the bell rang and we were off! Well, not quite but once they announced the start, it started to get a little crowded and chaotic. They had a table with small zip lock baggies with 2 Shopkins and Shopkins Backpacks (small connectible holders for a couple Shopkins) that the kids could pick.

They had 3 other tables where the trading magic happened. At first, McKayla was a little overwhelmed and unsure of what she was supposed to do but once she got in the groove, she was golden.

McKayla was surprisingly able to trade ALL of her duplicates for ones she didn't have. I was pleasantly surprised and she was beyond thrilled.

She was also able to buy an Exclusive Shopkins Swapkins Party pack that came with an exclusive Gold Kooky Cookie:

and a collectors box with exclusive glitzi Shopkins:

She was also supposed to get a free Shopkins Collectors Tray and a sneak peak sample toy that will be coming out next month but they didn't have either of those. I put my name and number down, so we'll see if they call me when the shipment finally comes in or not.*

She had an absolute blast and is already begging me to let her know when the next Party is.

(Update: The tray and sneak peak toy did indeed come in about a week later and I'm SOOOO glad I asked my brother to pick them up for me as it would have been a waste of my gas. The collectors tray was just a flat sheet of cardboard that you folded into a rectangular shaped box and the sneak peak toy was a new collectible series of babies in animal costumes with their best friend.......however, you don't get a matching set in the 2 pack, you get one baby and one animal and you don't know what you're getting until you open the package. That's the most annoying form of collecting for me. I like seeing what I'm buying, not gambling haha.)


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