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Slim Down Sunday ~ May 30th - June 5th

So as I mentioned in my last post, I've decided to resurrect Monthly Measure and Fitness Friday posts (although changing Fitness Friday to Slim Down Sundays).

So here's my first entry. I won't blame you if you skip this and any other MM or FF (SDS) posts b/c I'm just talking about what I've accomplished, but this time I'll be adding in screenshot stats from my Fitbit Charge HR. :-D

Wednesday afternoon June 1st:
Co-worker and I checked out a gym and fell in love with all the equipment and everything they offer. I'm pretty sure we're going to join but it'll be next payday before we do. Bonus is that when I DO join, the package I'm getting allows me to bring a guest free of charge and they get all the benefits that I'll get. Hello spouse workout evenings! Haha

Wednesday night June 1st:
I attempted to do Yoga. I say "attempt" b/c somewhere between the last time I did Yoga (almost 2 years ago...oops) and Wednesday, my disk got cracked. It played about the first 30-45 minutes of the workout just fine but the last bit was me pretty much doing what I could vaguely remember. :-\ All in all, it was about an hours worth of workout.

Thursday afternoon/evening June 2nd:
Co-worker and I headed to Zumba. And we had a BLAST!! We laughed and huffed and puffed together. We tripped over our feet and shook our booties. LOL We worked at it for an hour and we were completely exhausted, sweaty and sore but felt like we'd accomplished so much. We'll DEFINITELY be going back!

Friday, June 3rd:
Tried new Yoga video. Whipped my butt. But that's the goal, right? LOL I actually ended up doing two videos for an hour total. I found one beginners video that was about 23 minutes long and then a 30 day Challenge that was 30 minutes long. I plan on doing the 30 day challenge but not going to stress myself out if I skip days.

Saturday, June 4th:
Already failed and didn't do Yoga today. Whoops. I DID go shopping for waterproof phone bags tho and did laundry. It's activity at least haha.

Sunday, June 5th:
No Yoga. Again. But we spent 8 hours at an amusement park. Walking, running and swimming. Couldn't document the swimming as Fitbit is unfortunately not waterproof (they should make them waterproof).

So there's my first week into getting back in shape/losing weight. I'm really liking the idea of being able to screen shot my Fitbit stats to look back on and see any changes there may be. It also gives me another thing to be 'held accountable' to, as I can see when I've accomplished something or been a lazy lug.

So between gym a few times a week (time allowing), Yoga the other nights, Zumba at least once a week and let's face, probably absolutely nothing on the weekends LOL, I should start to see improvement. Cross your fingers? :-)

I will also be adding my Weekly Stats that Fitbit sends me. I'm not expecting anyone to care anything about these posts or any of the others but as most bloggers do, I'm doing this for me to be able to look back on and compare. Bonus if it inspires someone else to achieve a weight loss or activity goal. :-)

* Just for my notations, the "active minutes" doesn't register Yoga since there's not a lot of hand movement. I CAN automatically track exercise but only running, walking or hiking. Other activities, I have to manually key in the time and distance and then it calculates the calories burned.


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