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Wordless Wednesday ~ My New Friend

( know I have to type something. Haha)
Meet my new friend, Luna. She is an 8 month old Great Pyrenees and belongs to my client's neighbor. She's in training to be a Therapy Dog and I think she's going to excel.

Thawed, Not Frozen

Yesterday, I cleaned the fridge. Tossed stuff we weren't using and cleaned the shelves. Today I was planning on tackling the freezer and cleaning the bathrooms.

Get home today and have a few hours of lazy time; eat a bowl of cereal and relax before I grab rugs and shower curtains to wash and then I hear words I never want to hear again:

"The fridge is dead."
What do you mean 'dead'!?
"Dead as in doesn't work. Food no longer frozen, barely cold."


We have our old fridge downstairs, let's clean it and use it until the repair guy can come tomorrow.

Clean, clean, clean, scrub, scrub, scrub.

Oh, and shatter one of the glass shelves b/c you take it out to clean it better, only to have it slide out of your fingers to shatter in a million pieces at your feet. Doh. At least it's in the basement. Clean and scrub some more. Plug in and.........

No wonderful hum, no cooling.
Absolute silence.

More expletives.

Call my WONDERF…

Slim Down Sunday ~ Aug 22 - Aug 28

Still no Yoga or Zumba but it WAS a fairly active week. :-)

Monday, August 22nd

Tuesday, August 23rd Happy Birthday to me! Haha. I treated myself to yummy albeit fattening Italian food but it was OHHHH so worth it. Haha.

Wednesday, August 24th

Thursday, August 25th

Friday, August 26th

Saturday, August 27th Went to Dad's and helped clean for a couple hours. Sweeping, mopping, cleaning cabinets and counters. Up and down step ladder.

Sunday, August 28th Went back to Dad's for some more cleaning. More sweeping and mopping, cleaning bathrooms and helping hang a door. After helping it Dad's, I came home and worked on McKayla's room and if anyone knows how a 7 year old room's can easily get trashed (especially when cousin had just spent the night), you'll understand what a "workout" that can be too. Not what I'd exactly call "exercise" but it beats sitting on my hiney. Haha

I'm hoping to go to Zumba next week. It may prove a little more dif…

Furry Friday ~ Baby birds

We had a NASTY wind/rainstorm a while back that blew down a bird's nest off our gutters. John had seen Momma (?) Robin in a tizzy the next morning on the fence, so I went investigating and found one baby on the ground.

A little later, I went back out but couldn't find him/her but then I was startled by not one but TWO gaping mouths. They had the start of flight feathers but weren't quite ready to be on their own.

I was afraid to move them for fear Momma wouldn't come back (plus, I wasn't exactly sure WHERE I could put them) but I was also afraid something would get to them. I eventually moved them and their nest to our bedroom windowsill.

That ended up being a good, safe place for them and I had the added bonus of being able to watch Momma feed them. Eventually they were able to leave the nest and I swear there's a Robin or two that's a little braver than the others. :-D

Blogging Thoughts Part II

So, I must apologize for yesterdays pity party post (say that 3 times fast LOL). I was having a moment and blasted it for the "world" to see.
I'm better now.
Actually, I was better yesterday evening.
I felt like I got something off my chest I wasn't even aware was suffocating me and had a wonderful evening.
I did my hair, makeup and dressed up (all very NOT me) and had a nice birthday dinner with my family. We laughed, we pigged out and I remembered that I have accomplished things: I'm a mom of 2 beautiful kids. Kids that God saw me fit enough to mother. I'm there for people who need me.
I may not be a huge successful person money or career wise but I'm successful at being me.
I know this is turning horribly sappy and if I haven't lost readers b/c of boring Fitness Friday posts, I will with my craziness the last 2 days ROFL
Anyway, with all that said: My Fur-Real Life isn't going anywhere any time soon. I'm going to post when I can, even if it…

Blogging Thoughts

Once again, I'm rethinking my whole blog. Rethinking the purpose of it, the joy of it, my tagline: "The Ramblings and Adventures of a SAHM with Furry Animals"....all of it.

While it has been about some of my ramblings, it's been heavy on "Fitness" (and I use that term loosely as it pertains to me LOL) and less on parenthood/my kids and my furry critters lately, which was the whole premise of it. And yes, I'm aware that blogs are notorious for changing with the "owner" as the owner progresses through life's ups and downs but most of them stay to true to their beginnings.

I WANT to stay true to my original reason for wanting to blog. For my "inspiration" to start: My animals. My family.

The problem is tho (and you know there's always a "problem") is I just can't seem to find the time to sit down to put my thoughts and pictures down. The "fitness" posts are easy, all I have to do is take screenshots, post…

Slim Down Sunday ~ Aug 15 - Aug 21

I keep questioning if there's any point in doing this. I mean, I know I said I was doing this for ME, for me to be able to look back on but it's just getting utterly boring. All I'm doing is posting screenshots. I'm not doing Yoga or Zumba and any "exercise" I may be doing is swimming on the weekends or housework.
I guess I just need to keep trucking on. I'm hoping I can get back to Zumba once a week soon. Aiming to start Yoga again the 1st of next month. I AM still watching what, when and how much I eat  (although not the greatest at documenting) and I've cut out sodas for the biggest part drinking more water now too.

Monday, Aug 15th

Tuesday, Aug 16th

Wednesday, Aug 17th

Thursday, Aug 18th

Friday, Aug 19th

Saturday, Aug 20th

Sunday, Aug 21st

Spirit Week - Friday ~ Backward Day

Final day of Spirit Week

Backward Day Everything is backward
Honestly, I wasn't too sure if she could handle this day. She spazzes if the tag of her clothes touches her, if the seam of her socks isn't just right or there's a string hanging. LOL

But she proved me wrong once again and showed school spirit to not only wear her skirt backwards, but also her shirt! I couldn't have done it! The collar at my throat would've drove me crazy. LOL

In this goofy pictures, she's trying to show a shocked "What?! My clothes are on backwards?! How'd that happen?!" but we failed to showcase that with her hair in her face and running out of time to catch the bus. LOL

She had an absolute blast during Spirit Week, if you can't tell by the pictures haha.

990 Lifetime Miles

Not sure how accurate it is or why Fitbit finds it noteworthy but good to know I've walked the entire length of New Zealand. LOL

Spirit Week - Thursday ~ Black and Gold Day

Today's theme
Black and Gold Day Wear your "black" and "gold"
The High School's colors are Black and Gold and what better way to show school spirit and support than wearing their colors! 😄
Once again, I picked her clothing out and she took off with the rest. She did want to wear 2 necklaces but I showed her that she could wear one as a "belt" and she approved.

After I took the pictures, she asked to see them and she said "Yeah, I look goooooooood!" Haha! This girl cracks me up!

Spirit Week - Wednesday ~ Wacky Wednesday

Today's theme
Wacky Wednesday Anything "wacky"
I racked my brain last night of what we could do and the most I could think of was lots of bracelets, necklaces and rings but then I turned to Google this morning and found inspiration.
I picked out the clothes and then she took over the rest.

I'm glad she let's me take "good" pics but sometimes her sassy ones are better!
Case in point: Her guitar shot

And this one:

I think this one was a winner. When Daddy saw her, he said she was definitely wacky looking and that just thrilled her.

Spirit Week - Tuesday ~ Crazy Hair

Today's Theme
Crazy Hair Wear your hair in the craziest styles
I couldn't really think of anything else to do, so I just put her hair up in little tiny pony tails all over her head. They actually turned out rather nice! Haha

And of course we have to have at least one sassy photo. LOL

(Edited to add: Apparently hardly anyone did this for crazy hair and instead they had colored chalk. I felt bad but she said she was still happy with it. 😊)

Spirit Week - Monday ~ Wild Socks

This week is Spirit Week to show support for the local High School's game this weekend. Each day has a theme.
Today's theme is 
Wild Socks Wear your wildest socks

I know that "usually" crazy socks are mismatched crazy patterns but we like doing things different in our household haha.
Sadly, b/c Monday is ALSO McKayla's P.E. day, no one got to see her cat and dog socks but she still showed spirit. 😊

Slim Down Sunday ~ Aug 8th - Aug 14th

Boring. Boring. Boring. But it is what it is.

Monday, Aug. 8th

4, 761 steps 81 bpm 1.92 miles 2,126 calories burned 4 floors 5 of 14 hours with250+ steps 0 active minutes No Exercise Logged 25 lbs to go 5 hrs 58 min asleep (4x awake/14x restless) 471 in/ 2,126 out 1,405 calories left 16 oz water
Tuesday, Aug. 9th

3,301 steps 79 bpm 1.33 miles 2,131 calories burned 2 floors 1 of 14 hours with 250+ steps 0 active minutes No Exercise Logged 25 lbs to go 7 hr 45 min asleep (1x awake/15x restless) 1,322 in/2,131 out 559 calories left 32 oz water
Wednesday, Aug. 10th

2,703steps 78 bpm 1.09 miles 1,876 calories burned 1.09 floors 1 of 14 hours with 250+ steps 0 active minutes No Exercise Logged 25 lbs to go 6 hr 31 min asleep (1x awake/25x restless) 781 in/1,876 out 845 calories left 0 water
Thursday, Aug. 11th

2,166 steps 79 bpm .87 miles 1,807 calories burned 3 floors 1 of 14 hours with 250+ steps 0 active minutes No Exercise Logged 25 lbs to go 8 hr 23 min asleep (5x awake/29x restless) 6…

Just a Day at the Lake

Just about every weekend, we've put on swimsuits, packed cooler and backpacks and headed to the lake (or is it a pond? What's the difference? LOL) for a day of swimming. 

We've found that perfect window where we practically have the place to ourselves for awhile and we can enjoy our own "private" swimming hole.

By the time the place gets packed with people and you can't move more than a few feet without having to dodge someone, we've had our fill and pack up to head home.

It's a nice day of nature, talking, playing and no electronics to suck us in.