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Thawed, Not Frozen

Yesterday, I cleaned the fridge. Tossed stuff we weren't using and cleaned the shelves. Today I was planning on tackling the freezer and cleaning the bathrooms.

Get home today and have a few hours of lazy time; eat a bowl of cereal and relax before I grab rugs and shower curtains to wash and then I hear words I never want to hear again:

"The fridge is dead."
What do you mean 'dead'!?
"Dead as in doesn't work. Food no longer frozen, barely cold."


We have our old fridge downstairs, let's clean it and use it until the repair guy can come tomorrow.

Clean, clean, clean, scrub, scrub, scrub.

Oh, and shatter one of the glass shelves b/c you take it out to clean it better, only to have it slide out of your fingers to shatter in a million pieces at your feet. Doh. At least it's in the basement. Clean and scrub some more. Plug in and.........

No wonderful hum, no cooling.
Absolute silence.

More expletives.

Call my WONDERFUL neighbor who comes to take what's salvageable from the freezer and fridge to store at her house.

Decide to leave to buy a new fridge (had called repair guy to cancel b/c we decided to just buy a new one and he says wise choice as it sounded like the motor had gone out in ours.).

Dump what ISN'T salvageable (meat that had thawed) in trash bags and then like an idiot, leave them in the kitchen while you go to buy a new fridge.



Luckily, we realized our horrendous mistake and turned around. Only one thing eaten, sadly on my couch. Bone and paper is all that's left but sheets for the couch and dog beds are now in the wash.

Is this day over yet? Oh. No, not yet. Still gotta dry the sheets, put them BACK on the couch so the dogs don't destroy said couch and maybe go to sleep. I hope? Ugh.

Tomorrow it's off to shop for a new fridge. Was saving that money for something else but at least we have it to spend. Oh, and go broke restocking the fridge.

Silver lining? (Always need to look for the silver lining.) I get to have all black appliances now. The fridge was the only thing white. LOL Wished it was a different route we were taking. Oh well.

Oh, and one more thing. Dogs will have the shits after eating the meat, since they're not normally fed raw. Yay.


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