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Furry Friday ~ Random Rio

Been awhile since I've shared pics of my handsome blue dude. Still going strong at 5 years old now. A little more grey on the face and a little less puppy antics but still my lap "puppy".

Wordless Wednesday ~ Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloons aren't exactly all that common around here, so when I saw this one, it was a bit of a shock.


So I don't often talk about Chris here but let's face it, he's a teenager and he's boring. Haha. He spends most of his time in his room and we only see him when there's food involved, so there's not much 'blog worthy' things that he does.
But occassionally he surfaces and provides entertainment:
I was watering my flower beds one day b/c we'd had a nasty dry spell and the kids had followed me outside. They're running back and forth in the front yard, playing hide and seek, when an evil moment hit me.

I wait until McKayla is within reach and spray her with the hose and then turn to Chris and get him too. Of course, they loved it and kept coming back and were eventually soaked.

At one point, Chris came up right next to me, taunting me and so I sprayed him full force. But then he reaches out, quickly grabs the water hose and overpowers me and proceeds to drench me.

Brat completely caught me off guard.

We're all soaking wet and laughing hysteric…

Slim Down Sunday ~ Sept. 19th - Sept. 25th

Monday, September 19th

Tuesday, September 20th

Wednesday, September 21st

Thursday, September 22nd

Friday, September 23rd

Saturday, September 24th

Sunday, September 25th Went to church and pigged out at a Hibachi Grill then spent the rest of the afternoon unloading 3 vehicles, helping Dad move. 

Not a whole lot to comment on, once again, but oh well. :-)

Furry Friday ~ The Many Positions of Zoe

Zoe (who hasn't been introduced properly yet*) has many sleeping positions. Mostly ON or at the very least touching one of us. If there's a lap, you better believe she'll be in it. If a lap isn't available, then she makes due with wherever she can but still has to be in close proximity of you.
Dog down! Head down to be exact. LOL
Doesn't look comfy to me but I guess being nosey trumps comfort LOL
Sacked out cold like she had a rough night haha
Pouting b/c she can't be in my lap while I'm eating.
"Look at how cute I am?! You know you love me!"
Best seat in the house
(* Working on a proper introductory post for Ms. Zoe, which will be found at the top under "My Critters Past and present".)

She's Got Me spinning

The other day was beautiful; not too hot, sun was shining and there was a nice breeze. We finally had a free afternoon and decided to take a trip to the park for a little bit of play time.
We climbed

we bounced

and we did a little bit of spinning

We also played hide-n-seek but no pics so I guess that part never happened ;-)
Just a nice afternoon spent with my littliest one at the park. Can't ask for anything better.

Wordless Wednesday ~ Whoops

Paint + Coffee Can + Labels = Fun!

Occasionally, I get the urge to 'create' something. Actually, that urge hits quite often but I generally ignore it b/c A) what I want to create and what I actually make are never the same and/or B) materials cost more than I want to spend.
But sometimes I'll run across a DIY tutorial on FB or Pinterest and think 'Hey, that's something even *I* can do!'
One such tutorial was making wipes using a paper towel roll cut in half, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, water and essential oils and then placing the whole thing in a coffee can. Suh-weet! (That's the purple one on the left saying "You Make It? You Clean It."
Next in the pic is a Lysol Wipes container that now stores those annoying plastic bags that take up so much room and finally the black on the right is my own "creation" (meaning I didn't steal this idea from FB or Pinterest but thought of it on my own) that stores the coffee filters.

This one isn't necessarily a DIY as all I did w…

Slim Down Sunday ~ Sept 12th - Sept 18th

Monday, September 12th

Tuesday, September 13th

Wednesday, September 14th Choir night (for McKayla)

Thursday, September 15th

Friday, September 16th

Saturday, September 17th

Sunday, September 18th Church and then cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. All day. Worked on both kids rooms, washed, dried and put away several loads of laundry and washed and dried rugs. Phew.

I'd like to see more green but it is what it is haha. Can't expect major results if all I'm doing is watching calories, gotta burn them off too. LOL

Wordless Wednesday ~ Too Hot

(This cracked me up so had to share LOL)

Slim Down Sunday ~ Sept 5th - Sept 11th

Monday, September 5th

Tuesday, September 6th

Wednesday, September 7th

Thursday, September 8th

Friday, September 9th We went to the drive-in movie, so a fair amount of walking around was done before the movies started.

Saturday, September 10th

Sunday, September 11th Went to Dad's and loaded our car with boxes to help Dad move and then UNloaded 3 vehicles at the new house. Then probably ruined my calorie intake by scarfing down KFC haha