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Happy Halloween 2016!

I love Halloween! One of my favorite holidays, 2nd only to Christmas. I'm slowly collecting some pretty cool decorations (seriously need to buy a new, bigger tote for all of them to fit haha). Mostly indoor decor but trying to move outside with a few.
Enter Scooby-Doo! My brother got him for me for my birthday a few years ago and I've wanted to incorporate him for other holidays too. He holds a banner in his mouth that says Happy Birthday, so I wadded that up and put it in a Halloween treat bag, added a Witches hat to cover the Birthday Hat he's wearing and attached the Witch's broom to his tag. With all that weight, he tends to want to reeeallllyyy lean over, but I just wrap weed eater line (what I had handy LMAO) around his neck and then loop over that thing you see on the left hand side of the left pic.

I finally had the opportunity to wear my Scooby-Doo scrubs too! Although, people thought I'd wore them as a costume, when in fact they weren't! I'm a Di…

Slim Down Sunday ~ Oct. 24th - Oct. 30th

Once again, didn't take screenshots soon enough and had to go to the desktop to pull up stats. Definitely boring.

Monday, October 24th
2,513 Steps 80 bpm 1.01 miles 1,948 calories burned 2 floors 5 of 14 hours with 250+ steps 0 active minutes No Exercise Logged 25 lbs to go 6 hrs 48 mins asleep (0x awake/17x restless) 690 in/1,698 out 1,008 calories left 48 oz water
Tuesday, October 25th
4, 113 Steps 82 bpm 1.66 miles 2,010 calories burned 3 floors 5 of 14 hours with 250+ steps 0 active minutes No Exercise Logged 25 lbs to go 6 hrs 45 mins asleep (2x awake/22x restless) 1,546 in/1,760 out 214 calories left 48 oz water
Wednesday, October 26th
3,244 Steps 81 bpm 1.31 miles 2,020 calories burned 1 floors 5 of 14 hrs with 250+ steps 0 active minutes No Exercise Logged 25 lbs to go 6 hrs 53 min asleep (1x awake/19x restless) in/out (not logged) 1,770 calories left 0 oz water
Thursday, October 27th
2,013 Steps 81nbpm 0.81 miles 1,902 calories burned 0 floors 2 0f 14 hours with 250+ step…

Light the Night

for Jesus!

One of the Churches (and we have a LOT of churches around here haha) held a new twist this year. Instead of the "traditional" Trunk or Treats, they held something a little different.

It was a Glow-in-the-dark "fair"!

But the COOLEST thing was the hayride! Well, the ride itself wasn't fun b/c we basically just circled the church (and it's not a very big one) BUT it's what we saw on the ride that was cool:
These full size singing and dancing critters! These pictures just don't do it justice but they were awesome! Definitely going again next year. 😁

I even succeeded in getting a pic of 3 of us (even if I managed to cut most of my head off LOL)

Shopkins Saturday Spooktacular

Today, McKayla and I went to Target for their Saturday Spooktacular. I figured it would be similiar to Toys R Us' Shopkins Swapkins or at the very least you know, have, Shopkins. I'm getting ahead of myself here, so let's start at the beginning, shall we?

So McKayla puts on her costume and we head to Target, excited to get more Shopkins, especially the special Halloween Shopkins. It ends up being sort of like a Treasure Hunt, although we just followed a "path" to each "booth". The first one, right at the front of the store was where you got your free Trick or Treat bag. Looks decent sized, right? Like maybe grocery sized?
Nope, more like tiny lunch bag sized. Would maybe hold a sandwich bag and a small bag of chips but that's about it. Yeah, tiny.
Well ok then, not what I was expecting but McKayla is happy with it and I guess that's what matters.
I won't bore you with the rest of the "booths". Just suffice it to say that bag was t…

2nd Shopkins Swapkins Party

Last weekend, McKayla and I went to our 2nd Shopkins Swapkins party.

Before I go any further, I must tell you that I failed majorly but thankfully Grandpa saved the day.

How did I fail you ask?

I failed at taking any pictures.
I failed at buying her anything like I did at the last Swapkins.
I failed at being able to reach John b/c he was home asleep and wouldn't answer his phone.

I failed all those ways (and probably more I'm just not thinking about right now) by forgetting one. VERY. important. thing:

My phone.

I rarely carry a purse and my phone case is one of those nifty ones that holds credit cards.

So by leaving my phone at home, meant I'd also left my drivers license and my debit/credit card. And we were going to a TOY store no less. Oops.

Home was too far away to go BACK to find phone and make it back for the party, so I borrowed a random strangers phone to call John to see if I'd even left it at home (was afraid I'd put it on top of my car and lost it some…

Fall Festival

Last Friday was McKayla's School's Fall Festival. In years past, they've had the Festival during school hours but this year they had it after school, which was cool b/c it was easier for parents to attend. The kids spend the school year collecting Cherokee Bills that they earn and they can then "spend" them on activities at the Fall Festival (and other venues during the school year).
The first place McKayla wanted to go was to the mobile clinic to take Spike for a check up.

They had different games and activities where kids could "earn" candy. McKayla rocked it pretty good at her first ever game of Twister. LOL Me thinks we need to buy Twister for us to play at home. 😆

And she did fairly well at Plinko, although that doesn't really take much skill and is more pure dumb luck. LOL

She also got to ride one of these awesome machines!!! I was so super jealous and wanted a ride too! ROFL

We ended the fun evening with a Fall Photo............

in which I …

Slim Down Sunday ~ Oct. 17th - Oct. 23rd

Introducing Zoe

It's high time I introduce Zoe. After-all, she's been here a year now. LOL (Oct. 9th was her Gotcha Day)

So let's see, we need to go back to October 2015:

John is fixing to have surgery on his back, maybe not the best time to bring home a new dog but oh well.

My ex calls me and tells me he has a Chihuahua that his wife's ex had tossed in their yard b/c she wasn't housebroke....uhh hello (she wasn't even a year old yet! Born Feb. 2015!)! you kinda have to teach dogs that "trick". He knew I had wanted a little dog and didn't know if I wanted her. I ask for a pic and this is what he sends me:

I talked it over with John and he wasn't too keen on the idea of adding another critter to the household. I gave the normal arguments; one more dog wouldn't make a difference, she's small and won't eat much, she needs a home and so on.
And he said he still wasn't too keen on the idea.
Fast forward a week or so later and we meet my ex to pick …

This Girl Is On Fire!

Well, not literally of course LOL
This past Tuesday, McKayla's school had cheer leading practice for 2nd and 3rd graders. 20 kids showed up.

I wasn't sure that with the girls being so young if they'd ALL automatically get in or if it was truly TRY-outs. They told us that the county only allowed 8 girls to be on the squad. The coaches had a daughter each that automatically made it, which put the number to only 6 could join. So that answered THAT question.

They did stretches and moves and worked on a few cheers and trying out movements.
McKayla rocked it! She was front and center. Loud and proud. I was so proud of her effort and told her so.

They practiced for about 45 minutes and said they'd post the names of the girls who made it on the school door in an hour.
One of McKayla's friend's moms offered to call me as she'd be staying at the school and we had dinner cooking. So we went home and waited with antici..........

pation :-D
McKayla's friend called …

Discovery Museum

TVA has, for the 2nd year, sponsored free days on the 2nd Thursday of every month at the Discovery Museum. General Admission isn't really all that expensive but it's kinda hard to pass up a free pass. 😃
My sister-in-law and I decided to take the kiddos last week and we had an absolute blast.

If you haven't heard of or been to a Discovery Museum before, they're are geared to exploring and learning through fun interactive activities. Each section has a theme: art, water, music and so on. The top floor changes monthly. One time it was Curious George themed, then Clifford themed and this visit was History/Medieval themed.

Outside is all about mechanical power; turn a wheel and it spins a blade sort of stuff but the biggest hit was a simple bathtub filled with suds.

Back inside to create something out of trash that will fly in the wind tunnel. 

Rawr! Dinosaur room! Where you "dig" in the sand for Dino bones and check out fossils.

Time to jam in the music room!