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2nd Shopkins Swapkins Party

Last weekend, McKayla and I went to our 2nd Shopkins Swapkins party.

Before I go any further, I must tell you that I failed majorly but thankfully Grandpa saved the day.

How did I fail you ask?

I failed at taking any pictures.
I failed at buying her anything like I did at the last Swapkins.
I failed at being able to reach John b/c he was home asleep and wouldn't answer his phone.

I failed all those ways (and probably more I'm just not thinking about right now) by forgetting one. VERY. important. thing:

My phone.

I rarely carry a purse and my phone case is one of those nifty ones that holds credit cards.

So by leaving my phone at home, meant I'd also left my drivers license and my debit/credit card. And we were going to a TOY store no less. Oops.

Home was too far away to go BACK to find phone and make it back for the party, so I borrowed a random strangers phone to call John to see if I'd even left it at home (was afraid I'd put it on top of my car and lost it somewhere) but he wouldn't answer b/c he was sleeping and didn't recognize the number in his half-asleep stupor. After failing to reach him after numerous attempts and taking up the use of these kind strangers, I tried calling my Dad (who lives closer). Thankfully, he answered and came to my rescue.

Once Dad made it, I kept attempting to call John from his phone (b/c I still wanted to know where my phone was) but still no answer. I NEEDED my phone so I could buy something for her like we did the last time, it's tradition (can you call it a tradition when it's only the 2nd time? LOL).

Anyway, so after my failure of losing phone and having to call Dad, I planned on leaving her with Dad so I could go back home and she could still do her party, but he wasn't 100% sure what to do (even tho I told him numerous times that SHE knew and to just follow her) so I just stayed with her (following her like I told him he'd be doing LOL) while he went shopping.

She was able to trade almost all of her Shopkins for new ones (a few she's was REALLY wanting), so it wasn't a complete bust. The Season 5 freebie was better than the weird toy at the last party but the Chef Club hat was one of those paper folding hats (that I ended up wearing haha) that she didn't really care for. Still, she had a blast going from table to table trading.

I had told Dad that the main reason I had wanted my phone was so that I could buy her something. So he said that he could buy it for her instead of me having to drive all the way home to just turn around and come back. So he told her to pick out what she wanted. Well, this is Grandpa and not Mommy LOL, so she grabs the Shopkins Tall Mall, which isn't the cheapest item. LOL Of course Grandpa tells her no. So she grabs 1 smaller thing and Grandpa tells her that she could get 1 or 2 more items at that price. She ends up picking out 4 more things. After Grandpa adds it all up, the total ends up being more than the 1st thing she'd grabbed! We're pretty sure she did it on purpose. 😄 He laughs at her sneakiness and agrees to buy the Tall Mall (the very 1st item she grabbed). LOL

So even though I failed by leaving my phone at home (John did eventually wake up and saw that I had called and confirmed that I HAD indeed left my phone on the island.....phew), which almost screwed McKayla out of a new Shopkin and her not being able to trade ALL of her Shopkins like the last time, we still had a lot of fun and she's ready for the next party. 😊


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