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1st Cheerleading Game!

McKayla had her first game to cheer at today and boy was she excited!! She had 2 games to cheer at and they took a break during the 3rd quarter of both games. She wasn't quite prepared for how busy she'd be and was exhausted by the time it was over (2 hours later) but she had a blast and can't wait for her next game. 😊

Fitbit Weekly Stats ~ Nov. 21st - Nov. 27th

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law and brother-in-law's house. Awesome b/c that means we don't have to clean the house and prepare for people BUT it also sucks b/c that means no leftovers. Boo 😔

Hope your Thanksgiving is full of love, laughter and yummy food!

Fitbit Weekly Stats ~ Nov. 14th - Nov. 20th

Slim Down Sunday With a Twist ~ Nov. 7th - Nov. 13th

I think my Slim Down Sunday posts petered out quicker than my Fitness Friday posts. I know it was boring for y'all from the very beginning but it was beginning to be very boring for ME too. Maybe if I had been a better blogger, one who actually posted something at least a few times a week, it wouldn't have been so bad but it was to the point that Slim Down Sunday's were the ONLY thing I posted. Blegh. Who wants to read about that. Not me!

I've decided to maybe just share the Fitbit Stats I get weekly instead of the daily stats too. I share for me b/c I like having the record to look back on. I know y'all don't care and that's ok. I was getting a little bit burnt out on having to screen shot every day, edit it and then post and then trying to remember what I did those specific days b/c I couldn't be bothered to do it every week but I couldn't not back post which is a whole 'nother issue I have. LOL I like the 'specs' of the weekly stats, …

Slim Down Sunday ~ Oct. 31st - Nov. 6th

Whee! Isn't this fun?! Just a bunch of words. LOL

Monday, October 31st

6,748 Steps 82 bpm 2.73 miles 2,470 calories burned 8 floors 8 of 14 hours with 250+ steps 25 active minutes No Exercise Logged 25 lbs lbs to go No Sleep Logged in/out (not logged) 2,220 calories left 0 oz water
Tuesday, November 1st

3,829 Steps 85 bpm 1.55 miles 2,016 calories burned 0 floors 5 of 14 hours with 250+ steps 0 active minutes No Exercise Logged 25 lbs to go 5 hrs 43 min asleep (1x awake/21x restless) in/out (not logged) 1,776 calories left 0 oz water
Wednesday, November 2nd

5,039 Steps 85 bpm 2.04 miles 2,024 calories burned 1 floor 4 of 14 hours with 250+ steps 0 active minutes No Exercise Logged 25 lbs to go 6 hrs 7 min asleep (3x awake/30x restless) in/out (not logged) 1,774 calories left 0 oz water
Thursday, November 3rd

2,379 Steps 83 bpm 0.96 miles 1,887 calories burned 0 floors 2 of 14 hrs with 250+ steps 0 active minutes No Exercise Logged 25 lbs to go 7 hrs 34 min asleep (1x awake/23x res…

Trunk or Treat 2016

This year's trick or treating was a little up in the air; John had to work (and go in early no less 😔), our usual place (church) wasn't doing anything and with Halloween on the weekend, not many places were doing anything, opting to hold their deals on the weekend. Call me old fashioned but I wanna go trick or treating ON Halloween.

McKayla and I ended up meeting family (with John following behind so he could leave when done to go to work) and we headed out for an evening of fun.
First stop was what they called a Trunk or Treat but it really wasn't. They had a couple of their new vehicles on the show room floor with candy in the trunks but most of the candy was found in the offices at the back of the building. Kids didn't care WHERE they got their candy from tho haha.

Then we headed to a church that had a REAL trunk or treat. I won't bore you to death slow your computers down with the hundreds of pictures I took but instead just share my favorites from the night.