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Christmas Party Fun

Christmas time is full of parties and festivities. There's just something about red, white and green, scarves and mittens, twinkling lights and the brisk, cool air that brings out the parties. McKayla got to go to 2 parties this year and had a blast.

McKayla's first party was her 2nd grade Christmas party. They picked the last day of school, which was also a half day. She got dolled up in Christmas colors, complete with a Rudolph "hot bun" (what she calls a bun haha). They had cupcakes and hot chocolate and just had a fun day of no school work (a friend of hers actually had a spelling test! How cruel! LOL).

She also took her teacher's Christmas gift: a personalized coffee mug, complete with an ornament filled with hot cocoa, sprinkles, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. We've made this gift every year since Pre-K or Kindergarten (can't remember which haha) and it's such a simple fun gift (LOVE Pinterest! haha) and ALWAYS well received.

The 2nd party was at one of the schools. The Boys and Girls Club hosts a Christmas Party every year for the community and the kids always have fun. We went last year and expected it to be similar but a few things made it not so fun for the adults......the kids still had fun (although McKayla was plagued with a loose tooth that was causing her pain, which she eventually pulled right as we were leaving).

She wanted Rudolph again for the party.

First snafu was waiting for almost 2 hours outside, which wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been drizzling the entire time. This woman right here isn't the brightest and wore flip flops and didn't bring an umbrella. Thankfully, Kathleen and Aunt Leslie had more brains than me and had brought an umbrella so we took turns hiding under it. I'm still not quite sure what the hold up was but they sent out a few characters to try and entertain the waiting crowd.

Once we finally made it inside, it was smooth sailing. Elsa was waiting to sing Let It Go and McKayla did pretty well singing it (not surprised as she'll often listen to that song on repeat....ugh).

Then we headed to the gym to grab food (buffalo wild wings) and watch the carnival style games while we waited for our color and number to be called (they'd put bands on the kids' wrist to). They also shot nerf darts into the bleachers and each dart had something you "won". McKayla's dart ended up winning her $2 and then she got to play Plinko, although she didn't "win" that one but got candy instead.....she was still happy to play!

After waiting in the gym for what seemed like an eternity (and was actually pretty close to closing time), they announced on the loudspeaker 'if your color or number has NOT been called, go ahead and head to Santa's workshop'. Wait. What?! Apparently they hadn't planned this years' as well as the last. Oh well.

So we head to Santa's Workshop were we had to wait in line in the hallway for a good 30 minutes or so, just to wait in another room while we waited to see Santa. That room wasn't so bad and the seats were a LOT softer than those dang bleachers we sat on for 2 weeks (haha). McKayla scored about 30 packets of mini M&M's as they were doing small questionnaires to keep the kids entertained tho.

FINALLY it was time to see Santa and that was the quickest we moved all night. I'm not kidding you; we walked in Santa's room, the kids sat on Santa, the lady snapped the pic, the kids were handed their toys and we were ushered out the door. Guess Santa was tired! LOL 

Santa picked well as he got McKayla a nail polish kit and  activity pad.....definitely both right up this gal's alley, so the rush was forgiven. LOL

So we froze waiting outside, got numb butts waiting in the gym for roughly an hour or so, stood in line for 30+ minutes, waited in another room (but with softer seats haha) for about 15-20 minutes and were rushed through to see Santa (not really rushed but it was still the quickest we moved all day LOL) but the kids still had a blast and were clutching their toys and grinning from ear to ear. They're not bothered with waiting. LOL


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