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Remembering Katie

I've started this post numerous times, added a few things and then quickly closed it out. I just couldn't seem to put into words what this girl meant to me, still means to me. She's been gone 2 years today. Still just as hard to remember but I need to do this. For her.

I miss her. This is a warning. This post will be sappy and sad and probably reduce you to tears, just as I'm in tears remembering and typing this up. But it needs to be done. I need to honor Katie. I need to remember the good and the bad.

Let's start at the beginning:
Katie came into my life not too long after John and I got together. She is what I lovingly called a pound puppy. I had been calling shelters all around us, looking to see if they had a boxer or boxer mix. When I called the local humane society and inquired about any Boxer types, they told me about Katie and I almost immediately hopped in the car to go meet her.

She was shy and quiet but tail was wagging and eyes bright. We hooked her l…

Weekly Fitbit Stats ~ Jan. 23rd - Jan. 29th

⍟ Best Day ~ Monday! 4,622 steps
For the Week Total Steps ~ 23,167 (↓ fewer than last week) Total Miles ~ 9.36 (↓ 0.57 miles below last week) Avg. Daily Calorie Burn ~ 1,856 (↓ 11 cals. fewer than last week) Total Active Minutes ~ 9 (↑ 3 min from last week) Exercising this Week ~ 0 of 5 days (same as previous week. oops) Avg. Restful Sleep ~ 7 hrs 59 min (↓ 0 hrs 22 min lower than last week) Avg. Hours with 250+ steps ~ 4 of 14 hours (↓ 1 hrs lower than last week) Avg. Resting Heart Hate ~ -- bpm (same as previous week can't get rid of this one) Weight Change ~ 0.0 lb (same as previous. still not weighing)

New Zealand

I have already walked this distance, so not sure why I get the same badge. Maybe it's my second walk around New Zealand? haha


My replacement phone came last night. I was understandably excited to have it back but at the same time a little sad. I enjoyed the peace and quiet for the 3ish days I was phoneless. I wasn't worried about missed messages, phone calls or other notifications. It was bliss. There wasn't anything that made me constantly check whenever it dinged other than the 'not knowing what I was missing' mentality. Of course, I didn't like not having my alarm clock (had to buy a new one but it's purple! LOL) or a way to call anyone (don't have a home phone) but the rest was happily missed.

I didn't immediately start up my new phone. I savored the quiet for a little bit longer. I did eventually get it back up and running but deleted a lot of apps I haven't used in forever (thankfully just about everything I had on my old phone was backed up through Verizon Cloud and Google....phew!). I tried deleting Facebook completely from my phone but it was one of those dang pre…

7-Day Summary ~ Oops Is All I Can Say

So. 7 days ago I "started" a 7-day challenge. I say 'started' b/c all I really did was select a few items and then take a screenshot of each. I didn't start out each day thinking 'I have challenges/goals to make today, so let's do this!', if I had, I probably would have done better. Oops. I never said I wasn't lazy Haha
Let's see how bad I failed, shall we? I can only go up from here, right? 😆

Goal: 6,000 steps           Avg. 3,959 Goal: Exercise 5 days           Avg. 0 days Goal: 8 hr per night           8 hr 7 min per night Goal: 15 active minutes per day           7 min per day Goal: Weight ___lbs           ___ lbs (still haven't weighed. Oops.) Goal: Log food 5 days a week           5 days Goal: 64 oz of water per day           39 oz per day

Not off to a good start.....But let's break it down anyway. Since I didn't make my goals, it offers suggestions that are more attainable.
Goal #1: 6,000 steps a day.

Reality #1: Average w…

Relying Too Much

We (as in everyone) rely too much on technology. I've known that for awhile now and I've joked about it. Phones, computers, TV's and so on. We use them for everything. They're sadly a big form of communication and the countless other things they do for us. I've joked about how lost I'd be without my phone and then laughed it off saying that I wasn't addicted to my phone, that I could live without it.

Well, I can live without my phone but I don't like to. And that's where I'm sitting right now. Phoneless until hopefully tomorrow.

We (John and I) bought the new Note 5 back in Feb/March last year. John hasn't had a bit of trouble with his but mine has been......temperamental. Pictures wouldn't always go through to the recipient, even with multiple tries (I'd have to resort to sending the pic to John who would then send it to the intended recipient and it'd go through). More recently, it'd crackle and pop while I was talking on t…

Fitbit Weekly Stats ~ Jan. 16th - Jan. 22nd

⍟ Best Day ~ Saturday! 4,537 steps (helping out at Dad's house)
For the Week Total Steps ~ 20,249 ( 12,877 fewer than last week) Total Miles ~ ( 5.20 miles below last week) Avg. Daily Calorie Burn ~ ( 141 cals. fewer than last week) Total Active Minutes ~ ( 96 min from last week) Exercising this Week ~ ( 1 days since last week) Avg. Restful Sleep ~ 8 hrs 21 min ( 0 hours 26 min over last week) Avg. Hours with 250+ steps ~ 4 of 14 hrs ( 2 hrs lower than last week) Avg. Resting Heart Rate ~ 0 bpm (same as previous week {no heart rate tracker}) Weight Change ~ 0.0 lb weight gain (same as previous week {still haven't weighed myself})

Furry Friday ~ Rio and His Pillow

(500th post! Wow! Now on to our irregular scheduled program.....)
Everyone who knows Rio, knows he's spoiled. HE knows he's spoiled. How many dogs do you know who have their own pillow on their own bed that they use in the proper way? I'd venture to say not many if any LOL
I didn't start out giving my dog's pillows but this one would MAKE a pillow out of the cushions on the old couch. Seriously. They weren't attached to the back of the couch and I'd watch him get up on the couch, nose and flip the cushion down and then lay on said cushion. Wasn't a fluke either. Every. Single. Time. he'd do that. Spoiled rotten dog. LOL
Now, granted, he doesn't always lay on his bed, mostly choosing to lay on the couch but sometimes that extra step is apparently too far and he'll just collapse on his bed.

Yup, spoiled.

4th Cheerleading Game!

(I seriously need to be a little more creative with my post titles but I guess it works LOL)
Tuesday (1-17-17) was, as the boring title states haha, McKayla's 4th game to cheer at. Generally, as most 2nd/3rd grade games go, not a whole lot of nail biting but wow, Tuesday was an exception! It was insane!

The girls started out getting their butt kicked as the other team starting racking up points and leaving us in the dust. 0-8 and the end of the 2nd quarter. Ouch.

After halftime, we started catching up. 11-16.

And catching up some more but no more pictures b/c I couldn't take my eyes of the game! And I'm not a sports fan. Never really watched sports but Tuesday's game was intense. We tied 17-17 at the end of the 4th quarter (our score board is in serious need of replacing so I'm not sure if our score is 11 or 17 in the pic above but pretty sure it's 17), which put us into overtime. We tied THERE at 19-19 which put us into double overtime. Then WE WON 22-21 on t…