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4th Cheerleading Game!

(I seriously need to be a little more creative with my post titles but I guess it works LOL)

Tuesday (1-17-17) was, as the boring title states haha, McKayla's 4th game to cheer at. Generally, as most 2nd/3rd grade games go, not a whole lot of nail biting but wow, Tuesday was an exception! It was insane!

Caught her mid-kick LOL

The girls started out getting their butt kicked as the other team starting racking up points and leaving us in the dust. 0-8 and the end of the 2nd quarter. Ouch.

Halftime "show"

After halftime, we started catching up. 11-16.

And catching up some more but no more pictures b/c I couldn't take my eyes of the game! And I'm not a sports fan. Never really watched sports but Tuesday's game was intense. We tied 17-17 at the end of the 4th quarter (our score board is in serious need of replacing so I'm not sure if our score is 11 or 17 in the pic above but pretty sure it's 17), which put us into overtime. We tied THERE at 19-19 which put us into double overtime. Then WE WON 22-21 on the BUZZER!!! M made the shot and the ball hit the basket a second before the buzzer sounded!!!! It was crazy! Our girls had a blast cheering and actually started to start their own cheers instead of waiting for the coach to call out a cheer.

Great game girls!!!!

McKayla liked the other team's cheers LOL

The boy's game wasn't as intense as the girl's game and they won 20-10! Go boys!!

The only comment I have about the boy's game is the behavior of some coaches. These are 2nd and 3rd grade girls and boys. Kids. Apparently one of the coaches (not our school) wasn't thrilled with the ref's call and started screaming at her. Then a parent behind the coach yelled at the coach that they were just kids and to not yell at them, to which the coach replied that she wasn't yelling at the kids but at the ref. Well, that yelling match caused a penalty shot for our team. Why yell? Why get angry? That wasn't the first outburst this coach had this game either. I just don't understand it. I mean, I understand being competitive and wanting to win but they're kids and they do it for fun.

I do have one more comment and that was about one of the refs. She was awesome. Explaining to the kids why she called the things she called, tied shoes if they came untied and helped the kids out during their game. She was smiles the whole time (even during the coach yelling at her). THAT's how you're should handle these games.

Ok, off my soapbox. We have another game tomorrow night and then a break for a few weeks before the last game of the season.


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