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Relying Too Much

We (as in everyone) rely too much on technology. I've known that for awhile now and I've joked about it. Phones, computers, TV's and so on. We use them for everything. They're sadly a big form of communication and the countless other things they do for us. I've joked about how lost I'd be without my phone and then laughed it off saying that I wasn't addicted to my phone, that I could live without it.

Well, I can live without my phone but I don't like to. And that's where I'm sitting right now. Phoneless until hopefully tomorrow.

We (John and I) bought the new Note 5 back in Feb/March last year. John hasn't had a bit of trouble with his but mine has been......temperamental. Pictures wouldn't always go through to the recipient, even with multiple tries (I'd have to resort to sending the pic to John who would then send it to the intended recipient and it'd go through). More recently, it'd crackle and pop while I was talking on the phone. It'd also freeze and lock up from time to time and with a non removable battery, getting it unfrozen could be tricky. John tried to get me to go to the Verizon store to see about getting it fixed or replaced but I didn't want to have to worry about backing up all my pictures, files and such.

Well, that bit me in the ass yesterday.

It was working fine yesterday morning and while at church. Went to Dad's after church and McKayla was playing on my phone. She told me it wasn't working and that's the last it did. Frozen. No amount of rebooting it would work and I tried every which way. The notification light wouldn't turn off and it'd vibrate randomly but that was the extent of it. After several hours of trying (usually I could get it rebooted after about 15 minutes), I gave up and told John (who was home sleeping) that I now had a $500 brick. 😟 He suggested we take it to Verizon in hopes that they could fix it but at the very least, replace it. We figured replacing would cost about $100 as that is our deductible on the insurance.

Slightly good news?

No deductible b/c it was still under the 1 year warranty! Wahoo! No out-of-pocket money. Suh-weet!

Slightly bad news?

They have to order it and even though it was overnight shipping, it won't get here until Tuesday (tomorrow) b/c of ordering it on Sunday.

So, I'm finding all these things that I used my phone for and didn't realize until it was gone; it's my alarm clock, weather forecaster, boredom buster and I'm sure many other things I'm forgetting right now. It holds all my contacts, so I don't remember hardly any one's phone numbers. It also has ALL of my passwords and login info for EVERYTHING; mine AND the kids account info. Of course all the "normal" stuff; texting, emailing and calling. I also use it for work and of all days, it has to die the day before payroll day (every two weeks).

And I realized that I rely on my phone way WAY too much. I haven't freaked out and had a meltdown or anything over losing my phone. I'm not THAT attached to it. I'm obviously making it without it but I'm also impatient and want Tuesday to hurry up and get here so I can have my phone back.

Maybe this was a lesson. I DO plan on writing down login and password info the old fashioned way and I keep telling myself I'll start carrying an address book with handwritten phone numbers (hopefully those backed up and will sync with my new (old?) phone). Both things I kept putting off b/c they were in my phone, so why did I need to have them written down too. Jokes on me.

I may have to send my old, dead one back as a "trade" of sorts and I really don't want to. I know it's dead and will never work again with me but I don't like the idea of sending it off b/c it has all that personal info on it.......granted, it's in a password protected file on a password and fingerprint protected phone but if they can wake it up, they wouldn't have any problem accessing that info either. I guess I don't really have an option if I HAVE to send it back but I wish there was a way to wipe it out at home before I send it off. 😕

I know I'm not the only one who relies too much on their electronics. Just learn the lesson through me; go ahead and write down that important info somewhere else, make sure photos and other items are properly backed up, and find other things to occupy your time besides staring at a screen.

And this doesn't have really anything to do with the above story but just to let you know how "fun" yesterday was. On top of my phone dying, I discover a huge nail in my cars rear tire (luckily, not leaking air....yet) and then John was using one of my earrings to get the SIM card out of my phone and after he succeeds he just lays my earring down on his leg and it breaks. Not my day yesterday.


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