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Weekend Wrap-Up ~ Feb. 25th & Feb. 26th 2017

I wanted to start using the graphics again that Mom made me since I'm getting back in the blogging groove but wasn't sure which one to use. haha I don't know if it's Spring or Winter. Weather wise, it's spring but month wise, we should still be in winter. Mother Nature has me confused, not to mention the trees budding and flowers blooming. LOL
Anyway, this was a busy weekend and I hope that's going to be the norm. I get tired of just sitting around but when the weather is cold and yucky, I don't wanna get out. I'd say I'm not alone in that thought either. LOL
On Saturday, I drove up to K's house (McKayla spent the night before) and we headed to the Zoo! I hadn't been there in a few years and was excited to go. Although, I'll be honest and say that when she'd invited me the night before I wasn't too keen on the idea of getting up early and being in the car for hours but I also knew that once I did it, I'd enjoy myself. And I …

Weekly Fitbit Stats ~ Feb. 20th - Feb. 26th

⍟ Best Day Saturday! ~ 9,198 steps (Reached or exceeded my step goal on Mon. with 5,006 steps, Wed with 7,184 steps, Thurs with, 4,527 (of course Sat) AND on Sun with 5,032! Wahoo!!)
For the Week Total Steps ~ 35,834 (↑ 12,089 more than last week) Total Miles ~ 14.47 ↑( 4.88 miles over last week) Avg. Daily Calorie Burn ~ 1,933 (up 72 cals over last week) Total Active Minutes ~ 107 (↑ 107 min since last week) Exercising This Week ~ 3 of 5 days (↑ 3 days since last week) Avg. Restful Sleep ~ 7 hrs 40 min (↓ 0 hrs 44 min lower than last week) Avg. Hrs with 250+ steps ~ 5 of 14 hours (same as previous week) Avg. Resting Heart Rate ~ (Wish I could get rid of this tile since I don't check that now) Weight Change ~ 0.0 lb (only weigh about once a month)
Pretty happy! I'm seeing green more consistently now and that's a pretty good incentive. REALLY like that I hit my daily step goal more days last week than not. And per my personal butt kicking last Monday, I started walking a few…

3rd Shopkins Swapkins

Saturday was another Shopkins Swapkins event at Toys R Us. This would make the 3rd one we've attended since she (we? haha) started collecting them last year. She likes getting new ones and playing with them and *I* like 'collecting them all (Once you shop, you can't stop! is their catch phrase for a reason haha).
I hadn't realized exactly how much McKayla looked forward to going to these events until she received an invitation to a birthday party on the same day and I asked her if she wanted to go (to the birthday party). She said "But I'll miss the Shopkins Party!! I know! I can just ask her what she wants for her birthday, take it to her on Friday and tell her I'm sorry that I can't make it to her party." Wow, girl really likes her Shopkins LOL
The giveaway's and "exclusive" offers were pretty neat this go around:
If you spent $15 or more, you got an exclusive Birthday Betty shopkin,

And the giveaways included a free Happy Places …

Weekly Fitbit Stats ~ Feb. 13th - Feb. 19th

⍟ Best Day! ~ Saturday 4,463 steps
For the Week Total Steps ~ 23,745 (↓ 4,539 fewer than last week) Total Miles ~ 9.59 miles (↓ 1.83 miles below last week) Avg. Daily Calorie Burn ~ 1,861 (↓ 58 cals. fewer than last week) Exercise this Week ~ 0 of 5 days (same as previous week) Avg. Restful Sleep ~ 8 hrs 24 min (↑ 0 hrs 52 min over last week) Avg. hrs with 250+ steps ~ 4 of 14 hrs (↓ 1 hrs lower than last week) Avg. Resting Heart Rate ~ -- bpm (same as previous week) Weight loss/gain ~ 0.0 lb (same as previous week)
More red than green this week but that's ok, just keep on keeping on. Motivation has always been an issue with me. I complain about my weight but I just don't do anything about it. I need to change that thought process. Not so much to lose weight (wanting to lose about 20 lbs right now) but more to be healthier. Start small and work my way up. Maybe start walking a few laps every day at work. Throw in a few crunches or Yoga a few days a week. I just need to DO somet…