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3rd Shopkins Swapkins

Saturday was another Shopkins Swapkins event at Toys R Us. This would make the 3rd one we've attended since she (we? haha) started collecting them last year. She likes getting new ones and playing with them and *I* like 'collecting them all (Once you shop, you can't stop! is their catch phrase for a reason haha).

I hadn't realized exactly how much McKayla looked forward to going to these events until she received an invitation to a birthday party on the same day and I asked her if she wanted to go (to the birthday party). She said "But I'll miss the Shopkins Party!! I know! I can just ask her what she wants for her birthday, take it to her on Friday and tell her I'm sorry that I can't make it to her party." Wow, girl really likes her Shopkins LOL

The giveaway's and "exclusive" offers were pretty neat this go around:

If you spent $15 or more, you got an exclusive Birthday Betty shopkin,

And the giveaways included a free Happy Places 3 pk, a "Birthday" cone hat and a free double-sided poster (and on that note of FREE poster, I saw 2 Ebay sells of this FREE poster for $15. Really people? Ugh)

New giant poster! Almost covers her door

As the main point for these Shopkins Swapkins Events; to announce new seasons, they had Tippy's Tea Party Set (exclusive to Toys R Us) available for purchase too.

Now on to the party itself.

THIS visit I actually managed to leave the house with everything I needed to this time and arrived about 30 minutes before the start (which is what I was aiming for). They had it set up a tad differently this time where they just went ahead and let us sit down at the tables instead of waiting in line.

While waiting, I remembered Tippy's Tea Party Set when I saw another Mom with one and asked where she found it. We go running towards the main Shopkins (they had a small area by the party) and see 3 Tippy sets and 3 of another new Shoppie set. We grab Tippy and head back to the party, even tho McKayla wanted the other Shoppie LOL but I convinced her to get this one and we could go back after the party.

Before too long, the trading began and McKayla migrated from one table to the next, swapping Shopkins. I still have problems getting her to speak up and ask for ones she wants but I'm hoping that after losing out on a few she really wants, she'll finally learn that she can speak up without being rude. The worst they'll say is "no", right? and you move on.

She probably had 20+ Shopkins to trade and an extra dresser/bench/chair set that she gave away to a little girl. She had all but 4 of her Shopkins traded and was bound and determined to stay until she traded those last 4. We moseyed off to shop for her friends birthday party (that we ended up making it to anyway) and see if there was another Shoppie she wanted but there weren't anymore left, good thing we grabbed Tippy when we did! (In fact, I had a couple Moms come up to me during the party wanting the Tippy I had. I hated telling them no 😞) 

New ones almost filling the hat and we
weren't done yet when I took this pic.

She did eventually succeed in trading those last 4 and I had a happy girl on the way home. It was another successful trading event and you'll be sure to see us at the next one they have, of course she needs to actually buy Shopkins to get extras, to then trade. haha

Happy Trading!


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