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Cheer Banquet

Saturday was McKayla's cheerleading banquet. We decided to make her coaches a small gift to give to them at the banquet, to thank them for what they've done for the girls. A trip to Dollar Tree and $2 later and they now have personalized soup mugs.

I was actually looking for coffee mugs like we've done for Christmas but Dollar Tree was sold out of them, turns out that the soup mugs worked better as both coaches said how much they love to take soup to work and one of the coaches said that their coworker tries to "steal" their bowl and now they won't be able to anymore. LOL

They decorated the cafeteria for the banquet and did such a cute job! The schools colors are red, white and blue but one of the coaches didn't like that color scheme and went with pink and teal......I think it worked!

"After" shot b/c I clearly didn't take a pic
BEFORE the cake had been cut LOL

They had pizza, salad, cupcakes and cake for the girls and their parents

After the girls played and ate, the coaches thanked the girls for a great year and for being so loving and kind. She said that she could have had a bad day at work and just ready to crawl in bed but she'd show up to practice and seeing all the girls smiling faces, hugs and random cards would just make her day. She told them she loved her girls and she considered them HER girls.

She wished the 3rd graders moving up to the 4th/5th grade Cheerleading good luck and sent them off with an extra gift: a mason jar with glitter and pom poms (they had an extra one and gave it to McKayla after we ended up staying to help clean up...first pic seen at the top).

She said she loved their enthusiasm and spirit at each game, which prompted the coaches daughter to start cheering "S. P. <clap clap> I. R. <clap clap>  I.T. <clap clap> Got the Spirit. <clap clap>  Let's hear it!" cheer and had all of us laughing and clapping.

Then it was time for "awards". The coaches opted out of trophy's, thinking how they'd just collect dust, and went the route of function with some really awesome gifts!

Along with the cute basket with the girls names on them, they had a water bottle that said "Cheerleader, From Bow to Toe", a t-shirt that had their school name and mascot, a small box of chocolate and a pink and teal hair bow that was wrapped around a bag with chewing gum, glitter nail polish and lip gloss.

Crappy zoomed in pic but I forgot to take an actual
up-close pic

They also gave the girls this cool plaque that said "A good Cheerleader is not measured by the height of her jumps, but by the span of her Spirit."

It was a really great party in honor of all the girls hard work. Practices several days a week, occasional back-to-back games with a few games during school thrown in. I'm sure there were quite a few girls who rumbled and mumbled like my girl when they didn't want to go but I'm sure that once they got there, they were happy and all smiles like McKayla was. Being a cheerleader has taught my girl more than I had realized it would. Besides teaching coordination, synchronization, memorization and leadership, it also taught her that people count on you and you count on them; when someone doesn't make it to a game, it affects the whole team and so you should only miss a game due to unforeseen circumstances. I'm beyond thankful for the opportunity this provided her and I hope she tries out again next year.

(Depending on how the girl's do in the Tournament, we may have at least one more game to cheer and that's for the girls Championship game. I'm also still waiting on the 5th game pictures. Long-story short in case you didn't know but when my phone crapped out, I "lost" pictures from the 5th game. Thankfully, they were saved to Verizon Cloud BUT they've been having server problems and I can't access them just yet.)


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