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Double Easter Egg Hunts

This past Saturday, several churches in town held Easter Egg Hunts. In true Jennifer fashion, I didn't really want to go but I knew McKayla would enjoy herself and that I would to once I got out. Plus, my niece had spent the night and I knew SHE'D enjoy going to. So I sucked it up and went. LOL

The first one was at a small Russian Church which had a couple bounce houses, some arts and crafts, face painting and free food. They had this one scheduled to the T. They had play time for about an hour, while they waited for people to arrive and then they put on a small skit. After that was about another 45 minutes of playtime while they finished cooking (hot dogs and a Russian pot roast/rice meal). We had an hour to eat before the actual egg hunt started. It went fairly smoothly it seemed and I understand the scheduling but I don't think that if they had ended up with a larger crowd if it would have went as smoothly.

Of course the hunt itself was over quicker than it took for everyone to line up at their respective sections. Haha

The second Easter Egg Hunt didn't go quite as planned. They had a couple bounce houses, a raffle and free food just as the first one did but this one was supposed to be a glow in the dark hunt. We (friend and nieces) arrived a little late but still before dark and waited in line for one bounce house before we went to grab a hot dog. While looking for a table, our ticket number was called out and we won a Duplo construction set (about the only good thing that happened).

As we're eating, the announcer says that the raffle is done and that in about 15-20 minutes, the hunt would start. Either people didn't hear or didn't care but quite a few headed to the egg hunt sections and started milling around. The announcer yelled that the hunt wouldn't start for several more minutes and asked if everyone would please come back to the parking area until it was time to start.

No one listened.

In fact, we noticed kids IN the roped off areas grabbing eggs before the "party" had even started! The announcer tried to stop them but they didn't listen and then MORE kids joined in and before we knew it, every single egg was gone.

Our girls were behaving and staying with us at the table but then I told them to just RUN and hoped that they'd find at least one egg but by that time, there was nothing left. Not even a scrap. I was so disappointed and McKayla was brokenhearted. She didn't get to get a single egg.

Eventually, a sweet little girl came by with her basket full of eggs and started tossing some in McKayla's basket and my niece's baskets but the damage was already done and McKayla was ready to go.

In the end it all worked out tho b/c the church wanted the eggs returned in exchange for a bag of candy, so even tho they didn't get to do the hunt, they still got candy. We told the girls how proud of them we were for listening to instructions and not rushing out like all the other kids had done. We also told them that they got lucky b/c they didn't have to "work" for their candy like the other kids had. LOL

McKayla and I discussed the failings of the hunt on the way home, her asking why the kids didn't listen. That's sad. I can't really fault the kids completely b/c they're impulsive but the parents should have stopped them. I guess it wasn't a complete loss but I know McKayla was disappointed but maybe it was a learning experience at the same time.


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