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The Last Parade

Well, not forever. Just the last parade we'll watch Chris march in. Kinda bittersweet but also kind of a relief b/c it's not a quick trip to roast in the sun for a few hours.
I've griped about this particular town's parade in the past b/c of the slowness of it but this time wasn't quite as bad, still slow but not as bad as it has been. It was an overcast day, so that probably helped matters. Amazing how sitting under a blazing sun can make things seem to take an eternity lol
Since there's very little to say, enjoy a bunch of pics I took. Apparently it was the parade's 70th birthday but I don't know how we came to that conclusion 😉

Weekly Fitbit Stats ~ May 22nd - May 28th

⍟ Best Day! ~ Thursday! 4,579 (and hit my step goal Sat)
For the Week Total Steps ~ 27,538 (↓ 6,439 fewer than last week) Total Miles ~ 11.12 (↓ 2.60 miles below last week) Avg. Daily Calorie Burn ~ 1,874 (↓ 65 cals. fewer than last week) Exercising this Week ~ 0 of 5 days (↓ 2 days) Avg. Restful Sleep ~ 7 hrs 27 min (↓ 0 hrs 35 min lower than last week) Avg. hrs with 250+ steps ~ (same as previous week) Avg. Resting Heart Rate ~ -- bpm (same as previous week) Weight Loss ~ 2.0 lb (same as previous week)
Oops. Not one red (unless you count the step goal). Oh well.

Accelerated Reader Awards ~ 2nd Grade

AR Rewards time once again!
It was by invitation only once again, which is understandable b/c the entire school (CDC, K-5th) fills the bleachers on either side, which only allows for limited space in the middle of the gym floor for parents/grandparents.

Once again, they had an awesome selection of goodies; drones, VR cameras, Pie in the Face games, emoji pillows, smart watches, scooters and so on.

McKayla was 2nd place in her GRADE with 188.6 points (up from 3rd in 1st grade)! 1st place was her "boyfriend", R, who had 220 points!

I think McKayla had an item picked out already but was trying to be polite at first but when she knew she shouldn't wait any longer, she made a bee-line for......

An emoji pillow!

Can't you tell by the grin on this girls face how happy she is?! She told us that she was going to put this on her bed and as soon as she got home, she was going to kick back and read her books and play on her phone. 😀
Her teacher told her after the awards ceremo…

Wordless Wednesday ~ Heaven on Earth

(Today is also my Mom's birthday, so if you're reading this Mom: HAPPY BIRTHDAY and if you're not reading this, well, I still wish you a Happy Birthday. Haha {this makes 5 places now that I've wished you a Happy Birthday; text, email, FB, messenger and now blog. Haha} )

High School Graduate!

How the hell did this happen?!?!

Wasn't it just last month that I watched him take his first steps?!

Now I watched him walk across the stage and accept his diploma Friday night.

My baby boy.

But not a baby anymore.

He has fought and struggled all through school. He's had extra help in classrooms and almost didn't have enough credits to graduate but he buckled down and did it.

Now he's a High School graduate and I couldn't be prouder of him!!