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2nd Grade Awards

Yesterday was McKayla's 2nd grade awards.

I know I've said it before, but where the hell has time gone!? I can't believe that 2nd grade is over already.

1st Award was the Principal's Award for "outstanding academics and leadership". The Principal stated that this award was given to only 1 student per classroom and not to brag or anything (haha), but I wasn't the least bit surprised that McKayla was given this award. 😁

Computer Award was up next for "skills in technology and programs".

Superior Excellence in "maintaining an "A" average in 2nd grade". Technically, she's maintained an "A" average since Kindergarten but who's keeping count? 😉

The last award was Superior Achievement in "AR: 100 point club" with 188.6 total points (and 54.6 of those points where acquired since January!). 

Once again, my girl knocks it out of the park. I'm so pleased with her accomplishments and how proud of herself she is (wow, that doesn't really roll right but can't think of another way to word it, so I hope that makes sense haha)

Soapbox Break
The class lined up off to the side of the gym to receive their awards for academics. They called the students that had maintained an A average the whole year, then they called the students forward that had maintained an A/B average all year. And finally they called the rest of the students and gave THEM an award too. So, even if you hadn't gotten A's or B's, you were given an award. And that bothers me slightly. That's the equivalent of getting a participation trophy and I don't agree with that. Award those who've worked hard for that goal or award and don't award those who didn't try. Sure, if a student (or athlete or whatever) has made improvements, then by all means give them something but don't give all an award just b/c they showed up to school or practice or whatever every day.
Off Soapbox 😁

After awards, we could go to the classrooms and sign the kids out. McKayla had been asking us all week if we'd sign her out and I kept telling her that as long as it was ok, I would. She even asked me the morning of and I told her the same thing then; "If it's allowed, I will". Once we got to her classroom, however, her tuned had changed and she wanted to stay, then she wanted to go, then she wanted to stay. Flip flopping. Her friend M convinced her to stay and after making sure McKayla was positive she wanted to stay, John and I left. Well, a couple hours later, I get a phone call from her teacher who said that McKayla had been complaining of her tummy hurting. They had gone to recess and had a blast but then afterward was when McKayla started complaining. Turns out that her friend, M, who had talked her into staying, ended up bailing on McKayla and went home. No harm in picking her up, so I did. (Her teacher said that she hadn't sent her to the nurse like she usually would have b/c she figured the tummy story was just made up and she was more upset that her friend M had left.)

McKayla and her 2nd grade teacher, Ms. A. (sorry about the blank face but I didn't have permission to post her pic.

McKayla with her friends, R and M.

McKayla and Uncle Bryan

After I picked her up, we chilled at home for a few hours and then I took her to Dairy Queen for a BLT's (minus the T for her haha) and Brooksies blizzards (Yum!) and then Wal*Mart, where she picked out a Frozen watch with 2 different colored wrist bands as her 2nd grade accomplishments award. When I told her that was for her awards, she stated that she'd rather have bought the bikini/bathing suit or the $30 Unicorn Float instead haha

So another school year has come and gone. She's moving through the grades and before I know it, I'll be bawling at her High School graduation. LOL

(Adding that I JUST now got McKayla's Kindergarten Graduation pics up but me being me, I had to date it for the actual date. Which was, oh, 2 years ago. So, here's the link to see my cute little Kindergartner in her cap and gown. 😀


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