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This & That ~ Birthday, Water Slide, Family Fun Day and Bike Ride!

Sunday before last (the 4th) McKayla came home from Camp L's (her Aunt's - she's been staying there pretty much since a week or so after school let out) so she could spend time with Daddy for his birthday (on the 5th). I picked her up from church and we ran to Wal*Mart to grab Daddy presents (a ball cap, pair of blue-jean-looking pj's and a new wallet) and stuff to bake him a cake. We came home and baked the cake, then I had to run by work real quick but figured I'd still have time to decorate the cake before Daddy got up.

Daddy had other plans.

When we came back home an hour later and walked in the door, Daddy was up! So we rushed to grab the icing and we're rushing to get the cake iced when Daddy comes out of the bedroom. McKayla and I both yell "No! Go back! You can't come out yet!" 😂 Daddy was obviously a little confused but was a good sport and stayed in the bedroom until we allowed him to come out.

After we gave him permission to come out, he blew out his candles, opened his gifts and we had some yummy cake before heading to the movie theater to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!! It was such a great movie and the theater had electric recliners, so it was just like sitting at home.....well, if I had a giant screen TV, surround sound and electric recliners that is lol.

Crappy pic but oh well.

On Thursday (the 8th), church had Family Day to celebrate VBS. McKayla had once again spent the week at Camp L's (she had gone back to her house after VBS on Monday), so we hadn't seen her all week. She didn't know we'd show up at church and the grin she gave us when she saw us was worth it. We spent about an hour or so running from one slide to the next and had a blast.

Zooming down the slide

Then on Saturday (the 10th) was John's Company Picnic at the local amusement park. We had a blast, even if I did get a little too hot and too hungry and a little queasy at the beginning but after eating a good hamburger, I started feeling better. I've said it before but I'll say it again (probably every year actually lol), I absolutely love that his work does this every year. They also have really great raffle items and John won 2 tickets to Dollywood this time! Perfect timing b/c we're heading that direction for our 10th anniversary in a few weeks!

Waiting in line for the Boat Chute

Chris sat way behind us and b/c the carousel has such a huge awning, I didn't have any light to get a good pic of him, hence the arrow showing his shadowed blob lol

And finally on Sunday (the 11th), John bought me a pretty purple bike and a bike rack for the vehicles and the 3 of us headed to the Greenway for bike riding (Chris was at his Grandma's)! We rode for about 2 hours and traveled 4.2 miles. It was hot but we had a blast!

And yes, she's 8 and still uses training wheels but in her (and my) defense, our neighborhood isn't the most user-friendly when learning how to ride a bike. She got her bike last March for her birthday and has maybe ridden it a handful of times since then, so not much exposure. By the end of our ride tho, she had gotten immensely better and John's thinking to give her a few more trips with training wheels and then graduating to no training wheels.

Look at that grin! This was about half-way into our ride.

She asked me to take a pic of her so she could see how red her face was. She laughed when I showed this to her and said "Wow, I don't look happy"

Lots of fun, lots of family time. I couldn't ask for anything better.


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