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Traveled 3ish Hours to Eat Barbecue

Last month, (May 30th to be exact {look at me not back posting lol}) John, McKayla and I picked up Uncle B (not my brother, but John's brother-in-law) and "tried" to meet Aunt L, K and the kiddos at White Water. I say "tried" b/c we didn't succeed. Oh, we did make it to White Water but we got as far as the parking lot.

I'm getting ahead of myself tho, so let me back up a bit and bore you with all the details. 😁 

My brother-in-law had texted us about a month or so before, telling us to take off work the 30th b/c we were going to White Water. My sister-in-law (L), friend (K) and the kiddos would be in Florida the week before that, stopping to pick up K's niece and nephew on their way home. Brother-in-law (B) would be in Kansas that same week and instructed us to pick him up at the rental car place Tuesday morning, so that we could meet K and L at White Water.

So that's what we did. We met B at the rental place at 8 am Tuesday morning and started the long trek. We had told McKayla about the trip the night before and warned her that we might not be able to make it b/c they were calling for an 80% chance of rain that day but that was early morning and we hoped that the storm would be gone by the time we made it.

The trip down was pretty uneventful. Entertaining actually. B is not a good passenger and we spent the better part of the trip listening to him yell "MERGING" anytime John changed lanes or "We're gonna die!" anytime he hit the brakes.

Uncle B also spent the entire trip picking on McKayla. She was a pretty good sport and got a kick out of the attention. At one point, he made some comment about hoping she did better in school then she was proving at the moment (don't remember exactly what she was doing, maybe tripping over her words or something in her excitement), to which she replied "I do do good in school!"

And Uncle B took that phrase and ran with it!
B: Well, that's good, I'm proud you can do-do at school.
M: No! I do do good in school!
B: I heard you, I'm really happy for you but you should probably try to do-do at home too and not save it just for school b/c school's out right now.
M: NO! That's not what I meant! I do do good......I do d.......I do good in school!

We were all rolling with laughter, telling McKayla to just give up b/c Uncle B wouldn't relent but she was tenacious. Her sigh of relief when she finally said what she had meant to say the entire conversation was just as funny as their exchange.

About an hour or so into the trip, we stopped at a little strip mall b/c B needed to buy swimming trunks. While there, he got a call from his wife that no one likes to get: "We've been in a car wreck."😨 Luckily, no one was hurt but it would be awhile while they waited for the police to show up to fill out the police report and the EMT's to check the kids over before they were finally back on the road.

John, McKayla, B and I killed as much time as we could but started getting hungry (and they were getting closer), so we ended up at Sonny's Barbecue to wait for them. After we ate, we played a bit of musical vehicles with Uncle B and McKayla getting in his car, while Aunt L, nephew and K's nephew hopped in our car and we drove to White Water for a fun day!!

Only, when we got there, the parking lot was empty. They were closed. 😭

It had stormed off and on all that morning (was actually really foggy when we left and hoped the further we drove, the clearer it'd be) but it was supposed to clear up by early afternoon. Apparently it didn't clear up soon enough, so the people in charge at White Water decided to just shut down.

So we drove about 3 hours for barbecue. Fun. 🙄

It wasn't a complete loss tho; no sun burn, no wet clothes needing thrown in the wash as soon as we got home and no chlorine burn. lol And of course the entertainment that Uncle B provided.

Oh well, it was still nice to get out and spend time with family and we saw some pretty interesting things along the way:

Like this KFC chicken (that hurt my head -Kentucky Fried Chicken Chicken is what I just typed lol). His beak opened and closed and his eyes moved. Apparently it's a pretty iconic piece. Who knew? Not me obviously lol

Saw this on our way home. Never saw an ambulance and there were a couple people standing outside of the pic, so I'm assuming (and praying) no one was hurt.

And added this to our "fun" of the day. Ugh.  A beautiful cracked windshield on my poor Kia. Luckily insurance covered it all, so no out-of-pocket expense. Wahoo!

Last but certainly not least, we were given this beautiful sunset on our way home. Wasn't beautiful colors but the suns rays peaking above the clouds was just gorgeous.

Always an adventure with my family and I wouldn't change a thing!


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