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Wordless Wednesday ~ Dancing Groot!

John got me this adorable dancing Groot car charger for my birthday. Thanks hunny! (Hopefully the video will work so you can see his dancing moves lol)

Eclipse Day 2017

John, McKayla and I, along with Dad and Bryan (and countless other people) had been planning on viewing the Eclipse for several weeks (months? years?). Well, all of us minus John, he didn't see the big deal but humored me anyway and joined us. lol We were one of the lucky ones that didn't have to travel too terribly far to view the full solar eclipse.
I had never seen an eclipse. Full or partial and this one was even more special in that it WAS a full eclipse and I wanted to join Dad in this once in a lifetime (for him) trip. Dad researched and researched and we even made a special trip to where he had originally wanted to view the eclipse. We had a spot picked out with perfect views and hoped it was far enough out that not many people would even think of trying it. We ended up not even making it that far tho but still ended up with a great viewing spot and wonderful company with other people who camped out with us.

We headed out several hours before it was supposed to start …

Wordless Wednesday ~ Chicken Pinterest Fail

Pinterest fail ahead but not in the normal way lol Pretty sure that's NOT chicken, unless it's referring to their behavior toward some things lol

Anniversary Trip ~ Day 4: Island Shopping and Old Tyme Photo

Day 4 Friday, July 7th The Island shopping and Old Tyme Photo
This post might as well qualify as a Wordless Wednesday as there's not much else to say, just a day early lol. We walked around The Island for awhile, checking out the shops and fountain. We enjoyed a pretty peaceful, low key anniversary, just the way we like it.

Coming up Next Day 5 Saturday, July 8th The Island Fountain light show

1st Day of 3rd Grade

Goodness gracious! Another school year has come along. Where does time go? 
McKayla is just as excited for this year as she has been for all the other years too. She's happy to have a male teacher this year and is aiming for all A's again AND to get 1st place in AR points. I think she'll accomplish both.

Today was just a half day, a short day to learn the rules and organize supplies. McKayla said she had a blast and says Mr. G is funny and she can't wait to go back on Monday. She's also happy that several of her friends are in her class ------- I just told her she needed to watch that mouth of hers tho, she talks just as much as her mother does. 😂

Anniversary Trip ~ Day 3: Dollywood Part II

Day 3 Thursday, July 6th Dollywood Part II
As mentioned in my last post, while at Dollywood we went to their Eagle Mountain Sanctuary Bird of Prey Show. I really enjoyed hearing about the many different, beautiful birds. There's not much else to say, so just enjoy the MANY pictures I took. 

The grand finale was of course the wonderful, majestic, awe inspiring and beautiful American Bald Eagle.

This little dude was adorable. He was trained to take the money and drop it in the box. Sometimes he'd get a little too quick and not quite make the box tho lol

Anniversary Trip ~ Day 3: Dollywood Part I

Day 3 Thursday, July 6th Dollywood Part I
Thanks to John's Family Fun Day work function, we were able to visit Dollywood free of charge! At first, John wondered when would we ever be able to go, since he'd won only 2 tickets and we're a family of 4 and then I reminded him that we'd be in the area in just a few weeks time! Talk about perfect timing!

We only rode a couple rides and spent the rest of the time just walking around, checking out the shops and enjoying all the sights. It'd had been YEARS since I'd been, so I enjoyed just walking around and since it was a free trip, I didn't feel guilty about not 'getting my money's worth'! lol
One of the "rides" was the Dollywood train and it was so peaceful and beautiful riding through the mountains.

We were also played a song by the train whistle. Loved that!

After the train ride, we walked around some more and then ended up at the Eagle Mountain Sanctuary to watch their Birds of Prey show. I…