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STEAM Family Night at School

A couple days ago, McKayla's school had STEAM Family Night courtesy of Creative Discovery Museum. Each station was themed with engineering, science, art, technology or math and the kids where to create or learn about each.
Station 1: Newspaper Boats (engineering) The students will create a classic paper boat out of newspaper. The students will be provided with newspaper to make the boats and given instructions by the volunteer on how to make them, assisting when needed. The students will then be encouraged to go try their boat out at Station 7: Water Play Bridge Building.
McKayla made a boat but I failed at taking a pic, nor did we try it out at the Water Play Bridge. Oops lol
Station 2: Landscape Erosion (Science) The students will analyze a model of a mountain made from real dirt, clay, and sand with model trees and houses. The model will be housed in a small kiddie pool . The students will then be given misters and spray bottles to mimic rain. The students will be able to simulate…

Wordless Wednesday ~ 1st Quarter Progress Report