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3rd Grade Cheerleading ~ 1st Game of the Season

Cheerleading season is upon us once again.  

McKayla started to worry when 4th & 5th grade squads were formed and she still hadn't heard about 2nd & 3rd. The computer lab teacher took pity on "her" girls and volunteered to be their coach b/c she couldn't let them miss out on cheerleading.
Getting a coach and squads together so late made us scramble. Tryouts were November 3rd and first game was just weeks away. Uniforms had to be rush ordered. Practice sessions crammed in. So on and so forth.
Luckily, there were quite a few 3rd graders from last year's squad who knew most of the cheers from last year and could help the 2nd graders one-on-one. (Coach N. calls these gal's her Seniors and that thrills McKayla.😃)  So that helped in the cheering department.
Uniforms should have been simple even tho they were rushed but illness prevented them from being completed in time for our first game. Skirts and briefs were done but the tops still needed finishing, w…

Furry Friday ~ Pay Attention To Me

Zoe is quite talkative and very opinionated. Especially when she feels that you should be paying attention to her. 

If you don't respond to her cuteness alone, she resorts to stronger types of persuasion; snuggling and trying to get your attention. 

If THAT doesn't work, she brings out the big guns:

Would you be able to resist? 😁

Wordless Wednesday ~ Cheerleading Time!

Furry Friday ~ Nose to the.....

Grindstone Windowsill? 

This cat. She's........special. We've seen her sleeping in the strangest places but this ranks up there in the top 5.
And yes, she IS sleeping. Out cold. To the point I startled her awake when I got closer to take the pic below. Lol

Trick or Treating 2017