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Peaches ~ Mighty Hunter?

Peaches. Mighty Hunter.

errrr maybe not? 😆

Living History Museum ~ Dian Fossey

McKayla portrayed Dian Fossey at school last Friday for the student-led conferences. So very proud of how well she did. This is her 3rd year doing it: she was Pocahontas for Kindergarten and Betsy Ross for 1st grade. Thankfully, he picked her person to represent, which saved me a LOT of headache! lol He chose Dian Fossey, so we checked out her book "Gorillas In The Mist" from the library, found a $1 gorilla and borrowed a button up shirt from her cousin. Tada!
So very proud of how well she did. You can tell she's getting braver with each "show". This time was even easier since her teacher gave her a paragraph to read, so she put that inside her book where it looked like she was reading from the book. 😁

Visiting Donkeys

Was visiting my sister-in-law one day and had to go visit their Donkeys. It's a Momma and her baby. They originally got them as guard animals for their sheep but have since sold their sheep. They aren't completely tame but will gladly accept feed from your hands. lol