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Dec. 11 2017

Today is the one year anniversary of losing my Dad.

It's been hard. Super hard. I was a Daddy's girl, still am, always will be. My Dad was my rock. Talked to him daily, sometimes several times a day and saw him at least once a week.

I still find myself about to call him to tell him a funny thing I heard, read or saw. To tell him about my daughters games, concerts and achievements. Or just to talk to him. Every time it's a punch in the gut when I remember he's gone.

I start to dwell on that day, one year ago. The fear, the outright anguish, the praying it was a dream, the helplessness, the sorrow b/c I couldn't tell him goodbye (he died before I got to the hospital) but also the love and compassion that was shown with  my family and the hospital staff. I tried to go visit him that day, he'd been there a few days but he said he wasn't feeling up to company.........I think he knew.

I'm not sure how I'll be. On one hand, it's just another day, but i…